French Guiana

Information on French Guiana

Flag of French Guiana

The green triangle in the French Guiana flag represents forest and the yellow triangle represents the underground resources. The star in the middle symbolizes the socialist orientation of the country but according to the ad hoc commission , the star means " The Blood in the Middle"

Background Information and History

The capital of French Guiana is Cayenne and two major cities are Matoury and Kourou. In the past French Guiana was never controlled by another country. The official languages of French Guiana is French.

Tourist Information

Imports and Exports

Imports- food products, machinery, consumer goods, refined petroleum

Import goods with France, United States, Trinidad, Italy

Exports- shrimps, forest products, consumer goods, gold

Export good with France, Switerland, United States

Geographical Information

North of French Guiana- Atlantic Ocean

East of French Guiana- Mouth of Amazon

West of French Guiana- Acrural Mountains

South of French Guiana- Guyana Highlands

Physical Features

  • Sinmary River
  • Mountain Machalou
  • Mana River

Economic Information

The currency of French Guiana are Euros and of capitalism and socialism, the Economic system is Capitalism.

Political and Diplomacy Information

Type of government: Democracy

Leader: Alain Tien-Liong

Terms with countries: Good terms with other countries- French Guiana trades with many countries especially France and United States