Camera Angles and Movements

By: Sarah and Sally

Why angles/movement matter?

Angles are very important for any video or picture. The angles in these make it more interesting. Without angles, it would be just one shot and EXTREMELY boring! Also, without any movement, your staring at the same thing for a long time. Nobody wants to see that!

Camera Shots

Wide Shot

Extreme Wide Shot- This shot is usually the first shot you see. In this shot the subject is not seen.

Very Wide Shot- In this shot it is focussing more on the environment/setting that the subject is in. The subject is barely visual in this picture. This shot is great for shooting action scenes.

Wide Shot- This shot has the subject taking up almost the full screen. Her head is almost at the top, and her feet are almost at the bottom. The space in between the two is called the "safety room."

Mid Shot

Mid Shot- It is a shot that shows the upper body of the subject. It shows them in more detail, to where the lower part of the body is not needed. This picture is better used for when the subject is having a conversation with a lot of emotion. You DO NOT use this picture for a lot of movement.

Close Up

Medium Close Up- This shot shows the subject a little more clearly, but it is still a comfortable distance away.

Close Up- In this shot, the subjects face takes up the whole screen. It is usually used for emphasize the subjects feelings.

Extreme Close Up- This shot shows extreme detail to the face. This shot cannot be used for general emotion.

Over the shoulder Shot; Point Of View

Over The Shoulder- The shot of where you are shooting from behind a person looking toward the subject.

Point Of View- Shooting from the subjects perspective.

Camera Angles

Low and high Angles; Eye Level

Low Angle- This angle shoots the subject from underneath. It appears to make the subject seem more powerful.

High Angle- This angle shoots shows the subject from above. It makes the subject seem weak and wimpy.

Eye Level- It's an angle that is most used. It's very ordinary.

Birds eye; slanted

Birds Eye- This angle shoots from above the subject. It can be used if you want a dramatic effect of the subject.

Slanted- The angle is slanted to sometimes make a dramatic and intriguing effect.

Rules Of Third

Rules Of Third- This rule means that when taking a photo, you should add a graph of 3 by 3. This graph helps the photo become more balanced and pleasing to the eye. Also, with a picture, the human eyes are more drawn to the intersection points of the graph, so that works with the rules of third theory.

Apple - Introducing iPhone 5c - For the colorful.

IPhone 5c commercial

It was in eye level when the person was talking about what iPhone 5c had to offer. Then it switched to showing the iPhone in a slanted view. After that it went to a close up of the iPhone 5c. When this finished the next view was Point Of View. This happened when they showed someone looking at the new iPhone. After, it showed over the shoulder, with people looking at the phone. Then, it showed wide shot. This happened when they showed all the new colors of the iPhone 5c. These angles and movements really made a difference in your interest and excitement to watch the video.