Human Resources

Emma Breedlove

Good & Bad Interview Examples:

Example of a Good Job Interview: click here!

In this interview, the interviewee did very well. He spoke clearly, made good eye contact, and had proper body language.

Example of a Bad Job Interview: click here!

In this interview, the interviewee did very poorly. He didn't pay attention, didn't speak clearly, didn't make good eye contact, and also had poor body language.

Do's & Don'ts of an Interview:

What You Shouldn't Do:

1. Don't look sloppy. Make sure to dress appropriately and professionally for your interview. Sloppiness is a sign of laziness.

2. Don't be unorganized. Have your resume and other documents either stacked neatly or stored in a binder.

3. Don't be rude! Have good manners when communicating with a professional. If you tap a pen on the table, you aren't being courteous. Make eye contact and speak clearly. Don't mumble.

What You Should Do:

4. Be attentive. Pay attention and have good manners toward the interviewer.

5. Keep your papers organized. Come with your papers stacked neatly or stored in a binder.

6. Dress nicely. Go to your interview properly dressed. You want to put off a professional vibe towards people. Business casual or formal are both good options.



High School Teacher:


  • dealing with teen students,
  • having a keen interest in teaching at least one specialized subject,
  • maintaining regular office hours,
  • being reachable by students or their parents,
  • having face-to-face meetings, and
  • grading student work and entering grades into an online grade book in a timely manner


  • strong content and subject-matter knowledge,
  • strong written and verbal communication skills,
  • appropriate state certification
  • Bachelor's degree is required
  • fieldwork, student teaching internship
  • instructing, speaking, listening, & social perceptiveness

Salary/Wage/Hourly Pay:

  • $2500-3400 a month
  • or about $30000-34000 a year.