Virtual Visits With Your Doctor

Do i have to go to the Doctor?

What is it?

Virtual visits with your doctor is just like skyping a friend. The doctor can ask you questions adn visually see certain things that can help him to evaluate the patient. Of course the doctor can't check the patient's glands or palpate an abdomen over skype or any other conferencing network.

Problems? Advantages?

what can and can't be done?

The obvious advantage is that you don't have to go to the doctor. A disadvantage is that the doctor can't run certian tests through a screen, however they can run some tests. The doctor can test things such as; blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate. It would be low cost, so people could afford to video conference the doctor instead of going to see him/her. As long as the patient has no problems with the video conferencing and signs a contract so to speak there should not be any legal issues. One problem that may come to the surface is cultural differences that may prevent it from happening.