MTIS Course

Media Technology Information Services

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What is MTIS all about?

The Media Technology and Information Services (MTIS) class strives to provide students interested in a career in information services such as librarians, technologists, and educators, with on the job experiences that will help them build a solid resume with concrete skills and experiences that will make them more marketable to colleges and future employers. The students in this class are part of the Falcon Information Team (FIT) and are ambassadors for the Falcon Information Center, 21st Century literacies, and digital learning.

Students apply to take this course and go through an Interview process. They must have teacher recommendations and must be in excellent academic standing. It is important to note that students in this course, complete course content and receive course credit. They are not merely assistants who perform clerical duties. They have daily assignments that they are responsible for completing in addition to library duties. There are 3 levels to this course. Juniors and Seniors who wish to apply should see Ms. Sauls

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Literacy Ambassadors

The MTIS students are readers and leaders. They work to help promote the Media Program and 21st Century literacies by helping to plan library displays, contests, and events that demonstrate the power of reading and information literacy. Students facilitate media orientations and plan detailed book talks that promote literacy while also highlighting important teen issues. In the role of information specialists, students collaborate with the librarian, the administration, the counselors and other staff members to design slides for the Media Slideshow that displays in the Falcon Information Center and in the cafeteria. In addition to being one of the main information sources for students, this slideshow also highlights the importance of technology and digital citizenship and provides students with information regarding colleges, scholarships, and much more. Students complete a Literacy Project each semester that has a research component whose desired outcome is that students create and implement a plan to solve a real-world problem. FIT Team Members also serve as leaders for the Media Program's Teen Advisory Group empowering other students to take on leadership roles within the school.

Digital Learning Coaches

In addition to providing library services, planning displays, and library promotional activities, the FIT team strives to promote digital learning. FIT team members look for ways to enhance the educational process through the integration of technology. At the beginning of the school year, students planned and led an all day professional development session with the district's Digital Teacher Leaders Group that centered around coding and its place in the curriculum. During the session, teachers learned from student leaders how to navigate Sphero through challenging obstacle courses, learned to code Sphero to complete a series of mapped courses, and provided lesson ideas for ways to connect Sphero to curriculum content. Recently, students partnered with Natasha Stephenson, a Digital Teacher Leader, and fourth-grade teacher, at Windsor Elementary to teach students about Sphero. Students had a fun day where they learned about Sphero and the basics of Coding. Mrs. Stephenson's 4th graders took their learning further by teaching what they learned to a group of second graders. Media Coordinators, Instructional Technologists, and Central Office Staff from neighboring districts were invited to receive professional development from our MTIS students in February. The MTIS class was selected to present their work with digital learning and Sphero to educators from across the state at NCTIES, the State Technology Conference in Raleigh in March. Over 3,000 people attended this year's conference.

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Service Leaders

The purpose of education is to empower students to grow into individuals who will make a difference in the world. It is true that the world is not a perfect place, but with the right information and the right attitude everyone can impact positive change. One of the goals of the MTIS course is that students will develop a growth mindset where they believe that their hard work, talents, and ideas can make a difference. The course gives students opportunities to build problem-solving, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills while also encouraging taking risks, persistence, and good character. FIT team members provide library services daily, but they are also expected to research and explore at least one passion project each semester. Passion projects tackle at least one problem that is relevant to teens and the students must design a creative solution to that problem. Every day, people are asked to problem solve and lead in one capacity or another. This course will ensure that students are prepared for their future while also giving them the opportunity to help others get ready for theirs.

Brought to you by: Mary M. Sauls, Media Coordinator at Bertie High School and Bertie STEM Academy.