Hawaiian Monarchy

Americans Overthrow Hawaiian Kingdom


Hawaii was entered the United States as the 50th State in 1959. Queen Liliuokalani yielded her throne to avoid bloodshed, trusting United States.

Historical Significance

Why is this topic important in history?

Its important in history because we want everyone to change the pass as other country wont do it again. Taking over other country makes people in that country worried and scared again. We don't want a lot of people to die. Also we all want to live in a peaceful place.

What is the long term significance?

The long term significance is that Hawaiian people still remember how American overthrow Hawaiian Kingdom before and they still celebrate Queen Liliuokalani's Overthrow.

Is Hawaii Legally and Lawfully a State of the Union?

The Hawaiian Island is not legally a State of the Union because American took over the Island that suppose to be a one small Island. Minister Stevens gather the military to watch over them and force Hawaii to sign a document that shows that Hawaii is a part of the United States.

Supplemental Information

Hawaiian activists gathered at the State Capitol Saturday in recognition of the anniversary of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii 122 years ago. They celebrating the amount of progress we’ve been making, particularly in 2014. There was a significant amount of activity and breakthroughs to the point of where our people all across Hawaii are really quite united in the idea that the Hawaiian Kingdom still is alive and needs to be reawakened and restored to its proper place.


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