Alice in wonderland

Sarah Evert


About the book

The book ‘Alice in wonderland’ was written in 1865 from the author Lewis Carroll. The book has 177 pages and is divided in 12 Chapter. The genres in this book are fantasy, children's literature, speculative fiction and absurdist fiction.

Main Characters

Alice is the most important character in this book. The author tells the story how Alice saw it. She is the only person who is present throughout. She is an English seven year old girl and she has a lot of imagination. She is friendly and very interested in other people and their life. A few words which describe Alice are courteous, loving, trustful and wildly curious. Alice is a person who gets frustrated really easily and gives up right away. The character of Alice is based on a real girl, called Alice Liddel who was one of the author's child-friends.

Another important character is the white rabbit. He is probably the second most significant character in the book. He is the one who arouse Alice interests and bringing her down to wonderland. He is the first talking animal that appears in the book.
He is one of the characters with two faces. He is rude to the people under him, like servants, and very polite to the people above him, like the king and the queen.

The Caterpillar appears the first time in chapter four and is the main part of chapter five. When he and Alice first met he smokes a hookah. Because of that he is also known as the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar. The Caterpillar is really honest and strict about things. Alice doesn’t really likes him because he didn’t talk to her or he answers in just short sentences. But at the same time he is the one who helps her survive in the wonderland.

Plot Summary

The book is about that Alice falls asleep while her sister is reading a book to her. And she follows imagination in her dreams. She talks to animals and does unique things. She is fascinated of this wonderland she comes to and doesn’t realize that it is only just dream, till she wakes up.

Summary in detail

On a hot summer day a girl named Alice is sitting in a bench with her sister and is reading a book. Because of the heat she gets kind of dizzy and confused. She was just about to stand up and go pick flowers. But then a white rabbit with oink eyes is passing her and says: “"Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!".” (At that point Alice doesn’t think it is odd that a rabbit can talk but when she later looks back, she realizes that it was weird.) She only thinks when the rabbit takes a clock out of his vest pocket that this is odd. She jumps up and follows the rabbit because she has never seen a rabbit before that has a clock. She follows the rabbit curious in his cave and all the suddenly she falls in a well deeper and deeper.

After quite a while Alice finally lands in a room with a lot of closed doors. She takes a golden key, which she finds on a glass table. She tries to open every door and in her second round to try the key she finally finds a door where the key fits. The door is only a half a meter high and she has to get on her knees to see through the door. She sees a beautiful yard on the other side if the door with pretty flowers but not even Alice head fits through the doors, so it would be impossible for her to go out of this door.

After Alice closed the little door she kept looking through the room and finds a bottle with a fluid in it on the table that she hasn’t seen before. So she drinks something out of it and in just a few seconds she shrinks to 30 centimeters. Now she would fit through the door. He only problem is that she can’t reach the key anymore on the table. She finds a little box under the table with a little piece of pie in it. She eats it and grows up to three meters. Now it’s easy for her to get to the key but through the door she fits even less than before. She sits on the floor and is desperate.

Alice starts crying and after a time a mouse, a huge pigeon, a parrot, a duck, a magpie, a canary and lots of other animals coming in the room where Alice is. Alice thinks that’s totally normal and she starts talking with them. But the Mouse and the birds leave when she starts talking about her house cat Dina and the dog of the farmer.

The rabbit comes back once again but this time he must mix her up with the housemaid because it screams “Marianne” and said that she should get to his house to get his fan and a pair of gloves. Alice runs to the house of the rabbit and actually really finds a fan and gloves in one of the rooms. Before she goes back she drinks out of a bottle and grows because of it a lot. She barely fits in the house anymore and it is impossible for her to leave the house. The rabbit which is by the time at the house too talks white the lizard about to set the house on fire. Alice finally finds some crumb from the cake and eats it. She shrinks again and escapes from the rabbit’s house.

On her escape Alice encounters a puppy, how occurs really huge to her. She speaks to a caterpillar, who sits on a mushroom. The mushroom is about the size of Alice and she learns that one site of it lets her grow and the other lets her shrink. She embraces the mushroom with both arms and tries alternately a piece from the right and then from the left. Suddenly she can’t see her shoulders anymore. She only sees her long neck. At the same time a pigeon flies in her face and hits her with a wing because she thinks that Alice is a snake. It is not really easy to eat with these long arms but after a time Alice gets to eat a piece and shrinks back to 22 centimeters.

In this height she gets closer to a house when suddenly a servant with a face like a fish comes from the forest and knocked on the Door. Another servant, he is a frog, opens the door and takes an invitation from the queen. Alice walks in the house and finds the queen in the big kitchen: She is sitting on a three-legged stool and has a baby on her lap while the cook is making soup. When she does it she takes so much pepper that Alice has to sneeze. Suddenly the cook throws poker, cooking pots, plates and bowls to the queen. The queen throws the baby in the same moment to Alice and says that she should hold it. Alice takes it outside and realizes surprised that it’s a piglet not a baby. She puts it on the ground and looks how it walks away.

Next up Alice comes to the house from the March bunny. He sits whit the hat maker and a dormouse on a table under a tree and drinks tea. The hat maker is angry because his clock, which only shows the day not the time, doesn’t work anymore and he blames the dormouse for it. But the dormouse defends oneself.

Then Alice finds a door in a tree and when she goes in there she stays again in the room she first falls in. This time she did it right: She takes the key from the table and opens the door then she eats a piece of the mushroom and shrinks till she fits through the door. Now she can go in the garden.

There are three gardeners busy with painting white roses red. Alice asks them why and they say that they accidently plant white roses and now they are afraid that the queen will behead them because of that. In the next moment the king and the queen are really coming and as soon as the queen sees the three gardeners she screams: “Head off!”

At first Alice wants to be headed too but at the same moment the queen says that the griffin should bring her to the super turtle. The turtle tells Alice a story and she listens interested.

As soon as Alice comes back to the griffin there is a trial. The defendant is a jack. The judge is the king. But nobody is supposed to know that so he wears a wig under his crown. There goes a lot of fighting on and Alice doesn’t like that at all. So she stands up and says something. The queen orders consequently the headed Alice. But the fact that Alice has her normal height back makes her fearless. All the sudden a deck of cards falls down on her and she screams. At that moment she wakes up on the lap of her sister, who removed down falling leafes from her head.

Turning Point

I think that the turning point of the story is pretty much the end when she wakes up and realizes that it all was just a dream. From this point of the book a look a lot diffrent to the whole story of the book.

Did you enjoy the book?

I really liked the book and the story that the book tells. I watched the movie before but now I think that the book is a lot better because you get to know more how Alice feels and why she acts like that. I really liked that I could read a German book, so it was easy for me to keep reading even if I didn’t want it sometime. I think I wouldn’t read that book if I don’t have to but it was still nice to get the experience to read a book like that.

Was it well written? What was the writing style?

It was well written but it was really hard for me to read it because it was old German. I am not use to that language and I usually don’t read books in that German. And a second thing what made it really hard to read was how the letters looked.

Own opinion

I liked that book and I think it is worth it to read it. The look is a lot better than the movie. But still it was a really confusing sometimes. How you can even tell on the summary. I think that was because it was a dream so everything was possible and you need a lot of imagination.


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