Francisco Pizarro's Trip Revealed

Francisco Pizarro's "ship trip" revealed and understood

The Famous Reporter Who Did it All

Thursday, June 26th 1541 at 1:45pm

Lima, Peru

Lima, Lima

The junior reporter Quinlan Kraft has now located the famous Francisco Pizarro and interviewed him live where he was last seen at Lima, Peru

Francisco's Interview:

At Peru

As I dropped from the helicopter, I landed near the cathedral where Famous Francisco was stabbed in the throat. Francisco stood up from his place in the ground and greeted me.

The Interview :)) :))

Francisco- Hi how are you?

Quinlan- Great, but I need some info about your trip. Can you tell about it?

Francisco- Sure i'd be happy to :) !

Quinlan- AWESOME :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK... so when did you sail to this place?

Francisco- I started sailing with my 30 ships and 2,500 men given to me by the Govenor of Panama.

Quinlan- I've heard that your cousin is Hernan Cortez is that true?

Francisco- Of course it is >:( !!!!!!

Quinlan O...K... why did you want to travel?

Francisco- I wanted to conquer land just like my cousin so I traveled here. I wanted the riches of the world too.

Quinlan- What land did you conquer?

Francisco- I traveled in Tumbes, San Miguel, Puna, Cajamarca, Cuzco, Columbia and the entire Inca Tribe!

Quinlan- So how did you get into the Inca Tribe?

Francisco- Our first try was a failure :( , our second try was a fail too :( , but on the third try, the Incas greeted us warmly. On the fourth expedition, two battles broke out.

Quinlan- Who won?

Francisco- We won both of the battles; in the first one we overdrove them, and in the second we made a fierce surprise attack.

Quinlan- So did you get the gold like you wished?
Francisco- After the two battles, I gave the emperor a choice, die, or give me the riches. He chose to give the riches, but I killed him anyway.

The Trip Through Time..... Again!?!?

Saturday, June 28th 1541 at 9pm

Lima, Peru

Lima, Lima

I crawled back into the helicopter and took to the sky. We were just in time to get back in the Time Stream! I went back to the present and made a bunch of news letters like the ones your reading.

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