The Wedding

Nicholas Sparks

By: Tierney Casper


Noah- Jane's Father, a wise old man

Jane- Wilson's wife. A sweet beautiful women in her 50s

Wilson- Jane's husband. Not very romantic, a lawyer

Anne- Jane and Wilson's daughter who is getting married

Plot Summary

Jane and Wilson are a couple in their 50s who have grown apart from each other. Their youngest child graduated 2 years ago and the couple is having trouble transitioning to having an empty nest. Wilson is a lawyer and is very dedicated to his work. Jane was a stay at home mom that now spends her time volunteering and cooking. These two live on two different schedules and rarely even eat with each other anymore. This all changes when Wilson realizes how much trouble his marriage is in. Wilson starts to make plans to repair the damage that has been done when their daughter Anne calls and says that her and her boyfriend are engaged. Anne also tells them that she would like to have the wedding on the following Saturday, because her Grandpa Noah is very ill and she wants him to be at the wedding. Anne wants a simple wedding that doesn't involve much planning, but Jane refuses to let her do this. Jane always wanted a big wedding, however when she was married to Wilson, it was at the court house. She does not want her daughter to make the same mistake that she did. Jane starts on the planning of the wedding the day after the call, only to realize that planning a wedding in a week is impossible. Wilson sees this as his opportunity be the hero and make most of the arrangements. In the following days while his wife is running around making plans with Anne Wilson sets up the rest of the wedding. In the end the wedding brought Jane and Wilson back together. They became close once again and were enthused by the young love of their daughter and her husband.


This book was very light hearted a humorous. Wilson is very funny and a character that you fall in love with throughout the book. I found myself laughing and crying with him.


A recurring symbol in The Wedding was a swan. Noah lives at an assisted living home where he sits most of the day feeding a swan that he believes is the spirit of his deceased wife. This swan appears in many parts of the book as a symbol to believe in the impossible.

My Connection to the Book

Lately my relationship with my boyfriend has been struggling, so this book gave me hope that I can repair our relationship.


This book was very well written. I recommend this book to anybody that wants a quick, light read.