Jason Block



Mexicans mostly speak spanish. They speak spanish because they originally came from Spain. They also speak many indian languages.

Mexicans eat many different foods. Most of their foods come from the ancient indians. Mexico has a lot of farms.

Agriculture and Industries

Southern Mexico has many farms. They send food to the U.S. Mexico grows lots of fruits and vegetables.

Mexico exports lots of oil. They have lots of factories in Northern Mexico that export goods to the U.S. America and other countries have factories in Mexico because the wages are lower.


Mexico gets about 30 inches of rain a year. The temperature is hot during the day and cool during the night. The highest recorded temperature in Mexico was 127 degrees. The coldest temperature recorded was -27 degrees.


Mexican deserts have many plants. They have barrel cactus, brittle bush, desert ironwood, ocotillo, palo verde, and saguaro cactus. The animals are banded gila monsters, bobcats, cactus wren, coyotes, desert bighorn, javelinas, and the sonoran toad.

Mexican rain forests Are very hot. They get a lot of rain. The animals in a mexican rainforest are White tail Deer, tamandua, Kinkajou, Long-tail weasel, skunk, armadillo, and the eagle.