Clinical Supervision Cycle Guide

Planning, Observation, Feedback

What is the purpose of having this Clinical Supervision?

The major goal of clinical supervision is to help teachers improve or become reflective about their instruction. There are three phases of Clinical Supervision: Planning Conference, Classroom Observation, Feedback Conference.

1. The first video is the actual entire planning conference with a first year high school math teacher. We met in a neutral location and planned for the classroom observation(Planning Conference).

2. After observing the lesson and recording the information related to the objectives set during the planning conference we were ready to setup the Feedback Conference which is captured in the next video.(Classroom Observation).

3. Finally the feedback conference meeting was set with the teacher to (a) jointly analyze the data recorded by the observer, (b) interpret the meaning of this information from the teacher's perspective, and (c) reach decisions about the next steps, which becomes part of the next clinical supervision cycle(Feedback Conference).

Planning Conference Video

Clinical Supervision Cycle-Planning Conference-Pt 1

Feedback Conference Video

Clinical Supervision Cycle-FeedbackConference