Vineyard Vines

September 28- October 2, 2015

It's Almost October...

As we begin to form our tutoring groups and RTI, remember everyone is expected to help tutor after school at least 2 times per week. A google doc will appear tomorrow for all to submit their tutoring days and times. If you are not tutoring, then you will post the days/times you are available to help another grade level. We are all in this together- that's why we are a great TEAM!

This Week's Calendar....

Sept 28- Oct 2, 2015

Attendance Challenge: Students 97.3%; Staff 96.8%

5 minutes Extra Recess for Students

K-2 ISIP Window Week

28: College/ Career Shirts & Jeans

ARDs: 9am- 2nd; 10am- 1st Speech; 1pm- 5th ARD; 2:50- 3rd Staffing

3:45 5th Sci BM- Hayes (RAMEC 619)


8-11:30 3rd Math New Teacher Training- Jaquess/Greenberg

8-4 Writing Trainng- McManus

12:30-1 Peer Mediator Meeting

3- APEX Meeting

3- RTI- Mina's group

3:30-4:30 Benchmark Meeting- Rafajko 619

3:30--5:30 3rd Math Reading- Rodriguez- Rafajko 614

30: Happy BDAY Jamalyn & Daniela

Oteka LiM Coaching Day

8-9:30 United Way pick off- Lanie (CLC 217)

10:50 504: Walker and Mendez

1-4 IEP Trainings (Gibbons)


3:45-5:15 Science Training- Hayes (Piper Bass)

2: 6 week Progress Reports/ TVC in D.C. (K & 3 PLC's canceled)

8-3:30 ELL 2nd- Ano

10:35 504 (Jaquess/Mendez)

2nd grade Lit Training- RAMEC 313

3: 7 Habits Day - Z Gonzalez; Lucio; Torres