Keats Project

By Melody Wade

Destinations, Budget, Works Cited

Melody Wade

English IV-4th Hour

Mrs. Dearman

10 March 2014


Historical Site:

  • Mount Fuji (Honshu, Japan)

Location Important to Literature:

  • Mishima Yukio Literary Museum (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan)


  • Nihonryori Ryugin (Tokyo, Japan)


  • Tokyo Tower (Tokyo, Japan)

  • Disneyland (Chiba, Japan)

  • Universal Studios Japan (Osaka)

  • Rainbow Bridge (Minato)

  • Scramble Crossing (Shibuya)

  • Shibuya Shopping District (Shibuya)

  • Nintendo Headquarters (Kyoto)


Plane Tickets: $1887.70 Round Trip

Mount Fuji Tour: ¥13000

Mishima Yukio Literary Museum: ¥500

Nihonryori Ryugin: ¥23100

Tokyo Tower: ¥1420

Disneyland: ¥6200

Universal Studios Japan: ¥27800

Rainbow Bridge: Free

Scramble Crossing: Free

Shibuya Shopping District: no more than ¥60000

Nintendo of Japan: Free to see

Total Cost: ¥324226/$3185.00

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Nihonryori Ryugin is the best

The food is quite unlike the rest.

I walked inside the restaurant to see

Little squids staring at me.

I sat down and ordered food

It put me into a fantastic mood.

The ramen looked as dark as the night

But the taste was perfect and a delight.

But I got my check, and then

I saw it cost 23,000 yen!

I visited Mount Fuji today

I thought I would have nothing to say.

I travelled there by the train

Just after I got off the plane.

When I arrived, I met my tour guide

He smiled at me, then we started side by side.

Walking up the mountain was tough

But there was a beautiful dove.

When we got to the top, I could clearly see

Just how beautiful the world can be.

The Scramble Crossing is insane

I managed to leave without much pain.

The streets are full, the sidewalks too

I stepped on gum and nearly lost my shoe.

So many people visit here

I had to push past my fear.

When I found the stores, I was excited

But I found my money was limited.

The Scramble Crossing is crazy

Shibuya has more than just a daisy.

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