The Scientific Method

One Step at a Time

State The Problem

Well you've obviously been given an experiment, so ask your self what are you trying to solve. What's the problem?

From A Hypothesis

For this step you will create an "if ..then ..." statement. For example "If I do this ..., then I think .... is going to happen."

Design A Procedure

All this step requires you to do is form the steps you are to follow during your experiment.

Conduct The Experiment

Now here is where you preform the experiment using the procedure you made in the last step.

Analyze The Data

Just go over all the results of your experiment and any info that you acquired. Don't forget to record all of your data, so you don't forget it.

Form A Conclusion

Now that you are done all you have to do is create the 'ending'. Make sure you include all of your info, anything new that you learned through your experiment, your hypothesis, and your results. Also anything else that you think is necessary to the completion of your experiment.