The Cunha Chronicles

Christmas 2015

Our family continues to grow in leaps and bounds. 2015 was a great year in this capacity. The love shown amongst all members in helping and working with each other is heart warming.
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Paul & Rachael

At the end of the summer, Paul went into the army and graduated from Basic Training in October. He is continuing his training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in Field Artillery. His first assignment is in Fort Lewis, Washington, beginning in February. We are tickled as this is very close to Naveen's family in Canada. Rachael is doing a fine job taking care of their home in the meantime and raising Gideon. He talks up a storm and is curious about the world around him. We celebrated his second birthday earlier this month.
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Logan & Katheryn

Katheryn decided to follow in her dad's footsteps. She is having a lot of fun teaching Audio/ Video Production, Graphic Design, and Engineering Design at Rudder High School, part of the same school district as Naveen. She has already made a great impact on the kids and the district as they develop projects and products that showcase their true potential. Meanwhile, Logan continues to progress in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M. He is looking forward to a co-op at Rockwell Collins as a Systems Engineer in 2016.
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Patrick & Sam

Patrick spent the summer as a counselor at EFY, the church's summer youth camp. While there, he met Sam. They were married in August and stayed in Provo as sam finished her degree at Brigham Young University. They moved back to College Station this month. Patrick will continue his studies at Texas A&M University in January as a Kinesiology major.
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Preston was accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program at Texas A&M and is doing very well. He has been working on many side projects that use his knowledge and skills, such as building quadcopter (drones), 3D printing attachments for his SCUBA gear, and advising Naveen on his class projects. He continues to pursue his interests in SCUBA diving and rock climbing.
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Naveen & Elizabeth

Naveen and Elizabeth spend much of their time maintaining home base, kind of like the old-fashioned switch board operators. Naveen is the coordinator of the magnet program at his school, which continues to grow in size and rigor. In addition to teaching 6th grade science, he is teaching 7th graders a high school Engineering class, and will implement a robotics class for 8th graders next year.
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This has been an exciting time as we watch our family grow. We would like to thank you all for being a part of our lives. May we follow President Uchtdorf's council and "find, during this Christmas season, a moment in the quiet of our souls to acknowledge and offer heartfelt gratitude to 'the Generous One'".


Naveen, Elizabeth, Paul, Rachael, Gideon, Katheryn, Logan, Patrick, Sam, Preston, and Moses (the dog... not pictured)