The Coyote Trail

~All you need to know to find your way this week~

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope your day has been filled with LOVE! We are going to have a great time tomorrow going through student data and making plans to help them be successful during the rest of the year. Here is our schedule for Monday...

Data Love Fest



8:00 AM- Pancake Breakfast in our Cafeteria. Join some surprise guests for Pancakes, milk, OJ and coffee.

11:30 PM- Lunch will be provided for all by PTA from Café Max.

5:00-8:00 PM Dinner- Join us in supporting our PTA Dinner Fundraiser!


Comfy! Wear jeans or your favorite sweats. It’s a planning day so you need to be comfortable.


Classroom teacher’s plan as a team. Special Pops, you will meet with your grade level teams to plan out student needs to reach their IEP, TELPAS, testing goals for EOY. Para’s, if you will help your grade level teams with data forms to be filled and building resources for the plans we will be creating.

Graciela- Kindergarten, Merce- 1st Grade, Elisa- 2nd Grade, Marisol- 4th grade in AM, 3rd grade in PM.


1. Plan for targeted interventions student by student (using AIMS, DRA and Checkpoint Data).

a. 3rd and 4th- Using Checkpoint Data create an intentional intervention plan for all students in Writing, Reading and Math scores.

b. Take time to put these intervention plans in RTI forms on Aware. Share your interventions with your team.

c. If student is below grade level expectation we need to find an assessment to peel back the layer of where the student’s gap is to guide student interventions (MAPS, first steps, etc.)

d. School wide tutoring- 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade

2. Fill out data sheets to inform parents of all MOY, Checkpoint data using your data sheets K-2 and/or district check point forms provided by the district for 3rd- 4th.

3. Have something where students can track their progress K-2- using DRA data, 3rd and 4th using TEKS from check point data.

2:30-3:30 Dessert (chocolate fountain with yummies’ to dip). Meeting in Library.

Let's all meet in cafeteria to share out our grade level plans and needs. Choose one or several individuals in your teams to present to the staff your interventions for each group you are targeting. Each team will share out their student needs and plans so that as a campus we can see how we can come together and/or learn from one another to better help with tutoring, interventions and/or have a better understanding of what academic and behavior goals we are working towards.

Events this week...

Monday, Feb. 15- 21 day Challenge weigh in, Professional Development day, student holiday, Data Love Fest, Teacher book fair preview, Spring Creek BBQ Fundraiser 5-8pm

Tuesday, Feb 16- Book fair, Coyote Code, Book fair family night 4-6pm

Wednesday, Feb 17- Chick-Fil-A spirit night

Thursday, Feb 18- Think Green engineering 230-345, Honor Choir 230-330, Watch Me Sculpt 235-335, PTA Meeting and First Grade Performance

Friday, Feb 19- Jump Rope for Heart Assembly, 4th grade Symphony Trip

Saturday, Feb 20- Education Foundation Mardi Gras Gala

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Above is the schedule for the bookfair next week. If you don't have a time scheduled yet, please communicate to your parents your date and times so they can be prepared to send money. Thank you!