Monthly Siemens

a newsletter by kirstin, bradley, and maggie

Employee Recognition

Dear Siemens employees, we are proud to announce that David Bayliss has been working with the company for 20 years. we will be celebrating his engagement to the company at top golf from 11:00 to 2:00 on Saturday.

Siemens App

We are looking to create a siemens app to encourage more customer service and more products sold. We are thinking of creating an easy to use app for all ages. On this app some features will include, a customer service message board, A purchase system, and a research window for all of our products and services.

Customer Use

We are currently working on improving some of our products to increase the amount of products purchased in the U.S making us #1. We are also increasing our advertisement and trying to get more recognition and sell even more.

Local Server Creation

We were thinking of creating a local server for when our equipment is down. If we create a local server, then it will notify us every week, so we know whether or not the machine is performing at 100%. this is so we can run diagnostics so we can fix the machine while it is proactive instead of reactive. This would be a great investment, and way to get more customer sales.

Oil and Gas

As you may know, we are having problems in our automation department. As oil and gas prices are dropping, the money we earn from oil and gas industries is decreasing exponentially. We are looking to solve this problem by creating gas powered products to use up more fuel, which lowers the amount of gas and creates a higher price, causing us to make more money.
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