Medicine from Ancient Egypt

By: Ethan Miller, and Joe Messner

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This is one of the many different saws that the Ancient Egyptians would use for amputations.

Medicines From Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt had best chance for the sick to survive because they had actual physicians to take care of the sick. The medicines they practiced were herbs, remedies, religious rituals. they used splints for broken bones. They invented the tooth brush so that people would have their teeth for longer. They amputated really badly broken bones or really badly infected limbs. These all show that they were advanced in medicines, also that they had lots of remedies, and medicines.

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Priest Doing Religious Ritual

This priest is doing a ritual over a dead mummified Pharaoh so that he will go to the afterlife. If the priest does not do this ritual or the mummification process is not did properly then the Pharaoh's soul will wander forever.

I got my information from the social studies book the journey across time.

Egyptian Medical Practices Help Us Today

You ask how do they? Well we get our medical basics from the Ancient Egyptians. They wrote the first medical books. We found these medical books and found out how to read their writing system so then we read them, and got our medical basics of how to splint broken bones and how to treat different sicknesses and diseases. This is very useful to us because some of the diseases and sickness are very deadly, and can kill thousands if it is not treated correctly. We are very lucky that Ancient Egyptians practiced medicine and wrote medical books about what they learned.

I got this information from the history channel on television.

Thank You!

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This means Thank you in Hieroglyphics.