October & November Updates

McCalla Elementary School

Red Ribbon Week

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JCIB Community Meetings for upcoming 6th graders

The Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School is consistently ranked among the nation’s best year after year! And your child could soon be a student there!

Students in 5th through 10th grade will soon have a chance to apply to JCIB.

Learn more about JCIB.

JCIB teachers and staff will be traveling around the district to meet with parents and give them more information about the school and the application process.

They will have an open meeting on October 26 at 6pm at McCalla Elementary School for the MCAdory Feeder Pattern area.

Exceed your expectations, explore an extraordinary curriculum, and expand your horizons! Come learn more about JCIB!

ACAP Parent Information and Guides

For more information regarding the ACAP test, including grade level categories, possible points per reporting category, and performance level descriptors, visit the following website:


More information about the assessment may be found in parent guides:

iReady and mClass Parent information and Guides

Mark your Calendar

October 25-28 Red Ribbon Week

October 28 JEFCOED Board Meeting

October 29 No students- Teacher Work Day

November 1-30 American Indian Heritage Month

November 11 Veterans Day

November 12 E-day- No students

November 22-26 Thanksgiving Holiday

September K-2nd Student of the Month

September Student of the Month

PreK- Shelton

Mason Pharris

Anna Broussard

Reginald (RJ) Spencer

Sarah Burgess

Evelyn Taft

Sandra Collier

Logan Allen

Jenny Cooper

Alexa Vizcarra

Chrislyn Taylor

Lauryn Steele

Jaclyn Collum

Christian De La Llave

Hayleigh Hamilton

Johnny Ramos

Lauren Horn

Adelind Claunch

Misti Foster

Lauryn Holmes

Tracy Lee

Cooper Derrington

Sonia Bice

Madison Chambers

Savannah Caldwell

Kruz Paige

Kristin Ferguson

Reginald White

Angie Powell

Eliel (Max) Vazquez

Andrew Walworth

Abigail Mitchell

Extended Support Services

(N Clayton/Grizzard/Rmeily/Baxter)

(Danice Franklin Grizzard)

(Skylar Palmer- Clayton)

Melissa Summerford- Library

Austin Philpott (1st - Hamilton)

Valerie Jones- Technology

Ailin Delatoree Jimenez (Hamilton)

Carrie Cruz- Music

Willow Blen Bly (Cooper)

Paige Belgaonkar- Art

Abigail Erwin (K-Broussard)

Willie Crider- Counseling

Cooper Derrington

Coach E- PE

Coach Lewis- PE

Jack Blair

Marcus Pharris

September 3rd-5th Grade Student of the Month

September Student of the Month

Samantha Dutton

Erin Feagin

Hannah Ellis

Danny Virves Bartolo

Courtney Hughes

Jordi Herndandez

Ashley Masa

Leilahnee Vazquez

Carol Snyder

Kemora Lee

Haley Argo

Nadia Seals

Samantha Clayton

Sydney Morgan

Shane Sanders

Mailee Hocutt

Rebecca Stephens

Ezequiel Vizcarra-Santiago

Kelli Stuckey

Nyla Walker

Angie Dutton

Itzuri Reyna

Sara Lawson

Brooke Walthall

Brittany Morris

Reese Martinez

Rachel Smith

Gabrielle Carson

Tonya Thomas

Danyale Spencer

Extended Support Services

(Cutrell, Victory, Baxter, Rmeily/Grizzard)

Gage Ratliff (4th - Stephens)

Melissa Summerford- Library

Caliph Washington (4th - Stuckey)

Valerie Jones- Technology

Naveah Palmer (5th Thomas)

Carrie Cruz- Music

Xander Thompson (4th Sanders)

Paige Belgaonkar- Art

Ashley Valdez Garcia - 5th Dutton

Willie Crider- Counseling

Messiah Jackson

Coach E- PE

Coach Lewis- PE

Khloe Huffman

Paris Lark

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