Particularly Me

"I embrace mistakes, it's who you are."-Beyonce

Who Am I?

  • My Top 3 interests
  1. Programming and software development
  2. Web and Digital Communications
  3. Science and Math

  • My Top 3 Skills
  1. Web and Digital Communications
  2. Professional Support Services
  3. Design/Pre-Constuction

  • My Top 3 Learning Styles
  1. Kinesthetic
  2. Observing
  3. Hearing

  • My Top 3 Clusters Based On My Interests
  1. Information Technology
  2. Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communications
  3. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

All of these things are important to consider when deciding on a career because these will help you find jobs that you enjoy!! :)

Where Am I Going?

My Career as a Software Engineer...
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  • Develop, design, and test software or construct, maintain computer networks and programs
  • Annual Salary of $107,840
  • The job outlook is very strong might even grow
  • Information Technology Cluster
  • Work 40-50 hours a week
  • Computer software engineers typically work in well-lit offices in comfortable surroundings or in computer laboratories
  • Something that interests me about this career is being able to design something and then people want to have what you created.

How Do I Get There?

  • I would like to attend Harding University in Searcy, AR
  • I would like to go to this college because this is where all of my family has gone, they a very high academic level compared to other colleges, this college is a private college, and they offer the kind of program I am looking for.
  • You will need a software engineering or computer science degree
  • The tuition cost per year is $24,238 per year for four years
  • I hope to qualify for a scholarship in the Computer Science department and/or Engineering and Physics