Madrona Weekly Update

March 13, 2023


Hello Madrona Families,

Important dates this week:

  • March 13th - APEX Mustang MIle Kickoff Assembly - 9:00 MPR, St. Patrick's Day 5th Grade Fundraiser Gram Sales
  • March 14th - St. Patrick's Day 5th Grade Fundraiser Gram Sales, DAC Meeting, University MPR 9:00AM
  • March 15th - School Bus Evacuation Drill, 8:00AM, Fire Drill , 11:15AM, St. Patrick's Day 5th Grade Fundraiser Gram Sales, SEDAC Meeting, University MPR, 9:15AM
  • March 17th - District Professional Development Day, Pupil Free day, NO SCHOOL for students

As we jump start our week, we kick off our APEX event with the Mustang Mile Assembly Monday morning! We continue to celebrate women in history - there are incredible women in history and who continue to make histroy in our world! Be sure to visit our Book Fair and remember to view the Book Fair flyer below to order online!

Thanks to Cody Jones, USA Paralympian Javelin Champion athlete, who visited Madrona Elementary to share a bit about his life story and USA Paralympic journey. Cody shared that having Cerebral Palsy never limited his options, and it’s the importance of believing that “You Can” that brought him to where he is today. He is an inspiration for all and a welcome friend at Madrona Elementary!

Please welcome our APEX visitors, start training for your mile run, and remeber to, : Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Prepared!


Mrs. Mandell

Cody Jones, USA Paralympian Javelin Champion Athlete

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March is Women in History month!

Greta Thunberg, Swedish activist for global climate change, author, and speaker, this young woman has certainly made her own place in Women’s History. She learned about climate change at eight years old and began her own personal journey to make her voice heard. She was named Time Magazine’s person of the year in 2019, featured in the cover story of Kids National Geographic, and authored several books, including No One is Too Small to Make a Difference, one of her most famous publications. Through speaking up about the world around us, she inspired thousands of people to consider global climate change and the effects it has on our planet.
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What's New in the Madrona Museum of Modern Art (Madrona MOMA)?

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Madrona Artists

“ARTifacts” produced by Ms. Wing’s 1st Grade class! Ms. Britta’s lesson on monoprints delivered these beautifully artistic pieces …we love our Madrona Museum of Modern Art artists!

Sight Word Superstars

We are excited to announce that our Mustangs in grades TK- 3 will have the opportunity to participate in the Sight Word Superstars recognition program. Our goal is to encourage our learners to gain 100% mastery of all 300 sight words. Those who master all 300 sight words will receive a T-shirt and be entered into a raffle for a bicycle.
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INTRODUCING >>>>>Math Masters

We are excited to announce that our Mustangs in grades 3, 4, and 5 will have the opportunity to participate in the Math Master's recognition program. Our goal is to encourage our learners to gain 100% mastery of all math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to 12. Those who master all will receive a T-shirt and be entered into a raffle for a bicycle.
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School drop-off is at 8:00AM. Please do not drop off students early as there is no campus supervision.

*To register and learn tuition costs and hours for childcare before and afterschool, contact CVUSD Childcare at (805) 492-3567.

As a reminder Mustangs, we want to make all of our students, staff, and parents stay safe on campus. If your TK / Kindergarten student picks up breakfast at the cafeteria, please escort them to the cafeteria door and walk them to the front TK/Kindergarten gate entrance of the school. With a separate cafeteria and MPR, we want to be certain that our TK/K students are safely escorted to the campus gate.
Please do not park in spaces that are marked for Disabled Persons if you do not have authorization. We have two spaces marked (outlined in blue) for those cars displaying placards. The violation fines are hefty...$400 ticket! It is possible that the TOPD, Sheriff's Department, might begin issuing citations if there is a vehicle parked in the space without a placard.
A quick note: as we enter the cold and flu season, if your student is out sick, please be certain that students are fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. We want to keep our students and staff healthy!

Parents Needed!

Campus Safety Assistants Needed

We are in need of Campus Safety Assistants. If you are interested in a part-time, flexible paid position at the school, please contact Gina Mandell at

Volunteers Needed

(AADAC) African American District Advisory Council Representatives

This position would be attending regularly scheduled monthly meetings. The AADAC rep will be reporting back at the SSC meetings. Please contact Gina Mandell at if you are interested in these positions.

Keeping our Mustangs Safe - Raptor & Volunteer Paperwork Procedures

Please remember to sign into our Raptor system in the front office if you are on campus volunteering or visiting during school hours.

ALL volunteers need to fill out new volunteer forms yearly. This includes volunteers for the classrooms, the Library, and PTA. You can pick up forms in the front office or click here to print them from the website. Turn all forms into the front office. We will only accept packets that are complete. Listed below you fill find the checklist for the packet:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Code of Conduct Form
  3. Copy of your TB test with doctor's signature. (active for 4 years)
  4. Copy of your Drivers License or ID

Please note: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK IN 2-3 DAYS BEFORE YOU VOLUNTEER. The office needs a few days to enter it into our Raptor system.

Thank you for helping us keep our Mustangs safe!

Breakfast and lunch menus

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Mustang Mile ... March 23rd!

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The Oaks Mall - Remember to submit your receipts!

The Oaks Mall sponsors a program to help local schools fundraise. The program runs September 1- April 30th and EVERYTHING you buy from the Oaks Mall stores & restaurants goes towards our total and earns us points. This month there is also an E Waste Recycling event on September 24th. If you have any electronic screens, please use the attached form to get Madrona credit for your recycles. Forms will also be available in the school's office. Thank you for supporting Madrona!

There are 4 easy ways to help:

  1. Leave your receipts in the school's office drop box or staff lounge drop box
  2. Email your receipt or a photo of it to
  3. TEXT a photo of your receipt to Dawn at (805) 298-2389 OR
  4. Upload your receipt to
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The Conejo Closet

The Conejo Closet seeks to assist CVUSD families in need by providing new and gently used items without charge. If you are in need of any of the following supplies, please email Ms. Amber Bowman, Coordinator.

  • School supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, etc.
  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste, soap and shampoo
  • Pajamas, undergarments (new)
  • Water bottles
  • Masks

In response to many CVUSD family and community inquiries regarding making donations to the Conejo Closet, we invite you to reach out to Ms. Bowman. While CVUSD is not soliciting any donations at this time, we sincerely appreciate any that may come in and are committed to providing them to families in need. Thank you.

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Dear Madrona Families,

From time to time, individuals or groups in the community will distribute information and advertisements to Madrona parents/guardians on the public sidewalks during school arrival or dismissal. This information is not affiliated or endorsed by Madrona Elementary and CVUSD.

Any approved communications (i.e. announcements, fliers) from Madrona Elementary and CVUSD will be provided directly from the school to you via email, or given to your students to take home.

If you ever are unsure whether or not materials are from Madrona Elementary and CVUSD, please do not hesitate to contact the front office at (805)498-6102.