BY: Gavyn Geib & Kaden Long

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Boreal Owl

The boreal owl usually weighs about 7 to 8 ounces and is the size of about 8 to 12 inches long. This owl mainly hunts for small mammals such as mice, squirrels, lemmings, and even voles. They live in dense forests and usually lay 4 to seven eggs in wood pecker holes abandon of course. They usually incubate there eggs for 25 to 27 days.

Growing Up With Dangers

In the book North American Owls by Helen Roney Sattler it tells about how owls get get to a certain size but first They have to pass adult hood without being killed. DDT is at least the second biggest problem of killing owls this pesticide infects owls food the owls eat the food with the DDT and this makes there eggs very very thin and fragile. So fragile that they might not make it threw the first 3 days its in the egg. Could you believe that you are the biggest problem with killing owls humans are the fist biggest problems with owls, this happens by trapping and even being hit by any kind of automobiles. Adult owls usually live a long time do to being able to fight for food and territory and defend themselves. Baby owls have a harder time trying to survive they usually die from starvation because they cant fight other owls for food. That is all about pages 35 and 36 in the Book North American Owls.

Come back

Pages 37-38 in The Book Of North American Owls tells about peoples ignorance for owls, and how they're starting to protect the owls. For a long time, owls have been used to help hunt because of their night vision and great hearing. Until the was made that owning a owl is illegal. When the law was put into play, scientists put radio tags on the owls they were not killed, stole, or poached. The owls now are no longer in jeopardy of being extinct due to the changes.


DDT= A pesticide used mostly by farmers to protect there crops.

Fragile= Easy to break, shatter, or damage.

Starvation= The act or state of starving.

Territory=Any tract of land; rejoin or district.

Lemmings= Usually small mouse like rodent.

Voles=Another mouse like rodent or rat like rodent and still usually small.

Ignorance=Lack of knowledge, learning information.

Illegal=Contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations.

Poached=Stolen by poachers to be killed and sold for money