Secedes Of Early Battle

Before The Battle

North Carolinian Secedes

During the election of 1860, people thought if Abraham Lincoln was elected, he would pass rights to end slavery. During this time, South Carolinian's were getting ready to secede or depart from the union. Doing this they would join the confederacy. North Carolina become the last state to pass secedes.

Early Fighting

Shortly after North Carolina passed secedes, the Civil War broke out.North Carolinian's army was called the Tar Heels,and the Union Army. The Tar Heels had more than 120,000 men, but the Union had about 15,000 men. Early in the war, the Union hoped to weaken the Confederacy using blockade. Later in 1862 the Union had been able to capture Roanoke Island, New Bern, and Beaufort.As a result in their victory,the Union army controlled most of North Carolina ports.