I started liking basketball when I was about 4, my dad was always into basketball, and I always thought that it was in my genetics to enjoy it too. I absolutely love basketball, I love watching and playing the game and no one can change my mind. I also noticed how I seemed to be a little bit better that all the other girls and I took that to my advantage.

The game of Basketball is the best sport.


I used to play for a league called Upward and my team wasn’t the greatest. I started practicing really well. My first game was amazing we won the game and I made 43 points and my whole team was proud because the other team was super tall and they were really mean at first but the end we were the best ones. I also have my mom beside me coaching and doing more than the coach was. I just want people to know that girls are as good as boys are.

The UCONN Huskies had an 81 game streak


I am a girl and boys think that because the way that I am that I cannot play basketball. One day we were playing 3 point shoot out and I was really scared to play, but I had to prove to the boys that I had the same level of skill that they had so I went and played and I picked my friend Bostyn to be my partner and we played with to 8th graders who were boastful. Bostyn made all of the 3 pointers in a row and it was my turn my heart sank and I shoot and …I MADE IT! I was so happy I made all 5 3 pointers and me and my friend Bostyn won. I almost cried but I had to show that I was strong. I was cocky, but I deserved a little bit.

The Globtrotters always wow the crowd with tricks and humor.


I think I picked the right topic I love the game and that will never change thanks mom and dad for believing in me. I also feel good about how I proved to those boys that I’m just as good. People should know to never be afraid to do what you know is right.

My parents help me with everything


Thanks google for all of the pictures thank you for everything.