Web 2O

By Paris TeBrink


On wordle it has you type in a sentence or even a paragraph. Then it scatters the words all over. You can change the color of them and how there scattered as many times as you want to until you get them how you want it.

Big Huge Labs

On big huge labs you can make a poster of something like that. On big huge labs you can put a picture of yourself or something and then you can have a advertisement or just giving information maybe for a event coming up or just for fun.


Prezi is a presentation website that opens up a way to make your presentations creative. On prezi you can pick if you want to start from scratch or start with one that has the background and all that all ready there. You can write, insert shapes or files, change colors and fonts, add images, and also put frames around anything you want. Then you make a path so when you play it, it goes in a certain order.


On Blabberize you can take a picture use a image off the internet. Then you draw what you want the mouth to be and make that shape. After that you record whatever you want the picture to say. Then when you listen/watch it the mouth will be moving like it is really talking.

Smore lets you have beautiful pages easily! On Smore you can make any type of poster business, advertisement, project, or school. And you can add any photos, and put a background in. Change any font color!! And be creative.

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