Palmer High School

September Principal's Post

Our Mission & Vision

The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca made the observation, "If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind." For a school to have a clear vision, and mission allows the organization to work together with clear direction.

Palmer High School's mission is, "To prepare life-long learners, community assets, and citizens with integrity." Our focus is to create a culture of caring. The vision is to let every student know we care about them as individuals and their future, and we believe in every student.

We have a goal of making meaningful connections with our students. There is no arguing that a student will achieve greater success when they have meaningful relationships with their teachers and support staff. I have the pleasure of serving a terrific staff of teachers and support staff here at Palmer High who do a terrific job of making meaningful connections with our students.

As the principal, I have an even greater honor of serving the outstanding Palmer Community. Our community is incredibly supportive of the school. Our mission comes full circle when we help to create community assets that return to give back to the community. Palmer High School is a great example of our mission statement coming to fruition. We currently have 23 alumni on staff at Palmer High. I believe this is a testament to the great community we have chosen to raise in kids in.

I want all stakeholders to know that we have an open-door policy and a growth mindset as a school, so if there are ever suggestions or concerns, don't hesitate to stop by.

Paul Reid-Principal

Smooth Start to The School Year

A smooth and positive start to the school sets a tone for a successful year. I'm happy to report that our start has been very smooth. This has occurred in the midst of one the biggest changes the district has taken on in its history; the start of Synergy student information system (SIS). The first day of school our kids had their schedules and even in the first-period class the hallways were clear and teachers were preparing students for success in their classes.

The smooth start to the school year is a result of the hard work of our dedicated and nurturing front office and guidance department. Simply put, Palmer High Schools counselors are outstanding! They work closely with students and their families to assure a smooth start to the student's school year by developing the best schedules to meet the individual student's needs. We have a welcoming open-door policy to address any concerns that parents may have, so I encourage parents to stop by and visit anytime.

Our new computer system, Synergy takes the place of multiple student information systems that the schools previously used. Student registration, attendance, grading, and parent and student monitoring of student academic progress are all incorporated into one system. This transition has not occurred without problems but teachers and support staff are working diligently to learn the new system in a way that serves our stakeholders in a more intuitive and efficient manner.

ParnetVUE is the portal for parents to monitor student achievement and can be found at the MSBSD homepage under the parent quick link in the upper right corner. If you are having trouble navigating the system I encourage you to reach out to the district's helpline at 861-help (4357).

Digital Citizenship Corner

The definition of digital citizenship is a person who develops the skills and knowledge to effectively use the internet and other digital technology especially in order to participate responsibly in social and civic activities.

The content of an individual's online activity makes up what is known as a digital footprint. This year we are focused on teaching skills to create a positive digital footprint. We can use all the help and support we can get on this topic.

The most disruptive situation to the learning environment is when there is a social media threat to the school. This is an important topic to discuss with your children at home. All threats directed towards another student or students and or directed toward the school will be taken seriously and will end in criminal charges and prosecution. We will take all these threats seriously, and even if it was intended as a joke, it will never be taken as a joke.

Students need to better understand that there is a digital footprint to all online activity. There is nothing that is completely anonymous! Law enforcement can and will track down all threats through the digital footprint left behind. The reality is, a mistake of creating a school threat is a terroristic act and will end in a negative outcome to the student's future.

Like so many topics, I believe the key to prevention is through education.

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