Welcome & First Steps!

The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started

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Getting Started - Next Steps

1) Pick out your samples

Within your first 7 days of joining, you will need to use your free jewelry credits! Your 50% off discount to order your samples will last for your first 30 days if you find other things you want to add to your collection after your first few shows.

If you want guidance in your sample selection, I can suggest top sellers for me, but Stella & Dot has suggested sample lists as well to guide you based on their knowledge of best sellers. You initially want to buy what you LOVE, since your love and enthusiasm for it will help sell it! However, there are a few key pieces I would recommend so we can discuss. Also, take note of the retired list, located on the homepage in the lounge. Those items will no longer be available once they are out of stock!!

2) Announcing Your New Business

Let everyone in the world know about the launch of your new business!

  • personalize your website
  • create your email signature
  • send out your launch email
  • announce your new business on social media

Make sure you send out an email telling everyone how excited you are about your new venture and how you'd love their opinion and support, etc. Don't forget to announce it on social media as well!

Here's an example of an email to send out to your contacts to quickly get the word out!

Friends & Family:

I am excited to announce that I recently joined Stella & Dot as a stylist! (With the next sentence I'd say why you decided to join..ie: I fell in love with the line and recently decided would be a great outlet for me in addition to my full time job to connect with more women in the community while not only earning extra income for my family, but have fun wearing fabulous jewelry!) Our boutique style accessories are sold exclusively through independent stylists at private trunk shows in homes or offices, shopping events, fundraisers and online. From delicate & vintage-inspired to bold & trendy jewelry, totes, bags and scarves, there is something for everyone. Best of all, the pieces are very affordable with 50% of the line under $60 so there is something for every budget, generation and style!

This company is getting quite the buzz from both the fashion and business press, and has been featured on celebrities and in publications like Lucky, Vogue, People & InStyle to name a few! Last year, we were named #57 to the "fastest growing companies" in the US by Inc. 500, our head designer, Blythe Harris (formerly with Cartier and Banana Republic), received the "Rising Star Award" in Accessories from Fashion Group International and we received an ACE award (think Academy Awards for Accessories) for "Top in Retail Innovation" out of all retailers! Blythe has brought on board with her top talent Ippolitta, Jcrew, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs!

Whether you want to host a trunk show (earning up to 25% of sales in FREE jewelry-average hostess rewards are $250+) or order pieces online, please visit www.stelladot.com/yourlink. I'd love to help you earn your favorites for free or get some gift shopping done! I am scheduling shows now, so please contact me if you'd like to host a fun and laid back ladies get together at your home or office! Lots of fun treats not only for you, but for gifts for any occasion, or simply just to spruce up your everyday wardrobe!

You will be able to see the line in person at my house as I am hosting my official launch show on _____, so please Save the Date to come check it out! Details to follow.

Additionally, if you or anyone you know wants to learn more about this fun & flexible venture - I'd love to tell them more about Stella & Dot and have them join my team. We are in the U.S, Canada and have recently launched in the UK, Ireland, Germany & France!

Thank you so much for your support as I start my business! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to seeing those of you local at my launch show! For those of you not able to join and want to shop, please go to (insert direct link to your trunk show). Thanks again!


Your Name

3) The Power of 4 Launch Plan!

What is the Power of 4 Launch Plan? It's 4 trunk shows, in 4 different social circles in 4 weeks.

Your first four trunk shows form the roots of a sustainable business that not only pays you well, but will allow you to build your business beyond friends and family. Being strategic about those first four shows and booking them in different social circles will allow you to meet future hostesses and even prospective stylists! Think about the people you'll meet at those first four trunk shows--you'll find repeat customers, new hostesses and prospective stylists that will join your team. After that, your business will have branched out beyond friends and family, and now things really start to get good!

Start by creating your "Who Do You Know List," and jot down 10 names in each social circle. When you start jotting down names, you'll be surprised at how many people you come up with! Think about those "low hanging fruit" hostesses--your mom, mother in law, best friend, etc., and get them down as one of your debut hostesses. Get dates on your calendar within 10-14 days with these "sure thing" hostesses.

You can also hold your own launch at your home where you are the hostess! Invite everyone you know, as this is one of the first marketing efforts on your part to tell everyone about your new business venture! The more people there, the more sales you'll get, the more commission you'll make, and -- because you'll be the hostess -- the more free jewelry you'll earn for your samples! If possible, I suggest two dates--one week night and daytime--or whatever works best for your friends. For your launch it's nice to give people the option of day or night so that everyone can swing by. Go through the "Who Do You Know" sheet below and start reaching out! Please don't wait to hold your own show first, it's important to get out there and start as soon as possible to maximize your jump start rewards! However, if you decide to be your own host, you will receive commission AND hostess rewards!

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4) Jumpstart: Earn FREE Accessories in your first 60 days--MAKE THIS YOUR GOAL!!

During your jumpstart period (first 60 days), you will earn $100s-$1000s in free product credits based on sales, and cash based on sponsoring! USE THIS TIME TO YOUR ADVANTAGE SO THAT YOU CAN GROW YOUR SAMPLES! I strongly encourage you to sell at least $1000 in your first 30 days, so that you can receive $200 in product credits at a minimum! Also, be thinking about sponsoring and who do you know that you would love to do this with together?! How fun would that be to start a business with your friend, sister, etc. Keep an eye out at shows for those you think have a natural flair, or ask you questions about your business! You earn another $300 for sponsoring and $500 if you promote to Associate stylist, which is soooo doable!! See below!
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5) Invites

As soon as the show is booked, be sure to send a Save the Date email to your hostess. See below for great words to say which are found in the lounge. When the hostess sends out to her list, I ask her to cc me so that I can capture the email addresses.

Once the hostess cc's you on this email you can capture the emails to send out an invite from Stella & Dot's new invitation system! You can use a fun theme such as "Ladies Night Out w/Stella & Dot," "Bubbles & Baubles," "Office Style Hour," etc. It's always more fun to have a theme vs. just calling it a trunk show in the title. The Stella & Dot invite system has been working GREAT, because similar to Evite you can see who viewed the invite, it takes them directly to the hostesses "style page," and if they RSVP no, then it tells them how they can shop online since they can't make it! This invite system has increased outside orders on average ONE-TWO per show, so definitely be sure to use this!

Be sure that your hostess sends out a Reminder text to remind everyone a few days before the show! Our invites system that allows you to save the invite when you personalize it and TEXT your hostess a reminder that she can TEXT out to her friends. Save the invite through the invite system, then email it to yourself, and open on your phone and save to your pictures to text out. I have an email that I send to hostesses outlining all of this step by step, that I will share with you to personalize and use for each hostess when they book a show!


Thanks so much for hosting a Trunk Show -- it's going to be so much fun for you and your friends! Hopefully you received the Hostess Confirmation email I sent you and have had the chance to log into the Hostess Lounge. Let me know if you had any trouble!

Here are 3 simple steps to follow:

1. Show set-up - I set up your Trunk Show online so your guests can begin shopping today with this link <<INSERT TRUNK SHOW INVITATION PAGE>>. Feel free to add email addresses to the invitation at any time, including guests that live far away. They can still shop your show and you can earn Style Rewards.

2. Send out a Save the Date: If you’d like to personally ask your guests to save the date, copy and paste your list into an email and send out the email copy below. Please cc me (so I have their addresses) if you want me to add the email addresses to your invitation for you. I recommend having 10-20 guests so let's plan to invite 3-4x that many and ask friends to bring friends. Who wouldn't love a chance to catch up with you and browse some gorgeous accessories? I've attached a quick brainstorm list to inspire you! <<ATTACH THE SOCIAL MIXOLOGY WORKSHEET WHICH CAN BE FOUND IN SDU >>

Subject: Save the Date for a Stella & Dot Girls Night!

Hi Friends!

Mark your calendars for <<DATE>> because we're having a Stella & Dot Trunk Show at my house! Come mingle, catch up with old friends (or meet some new ones), relax and shop for the latest styles from Stella & Dot. Our personal Stylist, <<STYLIST NAME>>, will be there to let you play with some style options for the season. Can't wait to see the collection? Take a Sneak Peek now: <<INSERT TRUNK SHOW INVITATION LINK>>!

I am looking forward to seeing you there! If you can't make it, you can always shop online. Feel free to bring a friend - the more the merrier!



6) Jewelry Display Items

In the beginning, I would invest more in our jewelry than in your display items! There are so many ways to be creative with your displays in the beginning. Though if you strongly feel you want to invest in this from the beginning I recommend ordering a pack of 5 trays and pack of bracelet pillows, a foldable neck form to get started!

When you are ready to build your display, Stella & Dot has beautiful large and collapsable neck forms, frames and ring holders that display our jewelry great!

7) Understand/Plan Your Goals

Knowing what you want to make of your business is also an essential first step. So read the Compensation Guide and really decide what you want out of the business and then figure out what that means in terms of number of shows you need to book per month and/or new Stylists you want to sponsor. You should also think about what you want to achieve during your Jump Start period (first 60 days) -- since this is the point in time where you stand to earn the maximum in free jewelry rewards! I'll help you with planning when we discuss. Be sure to complete the new stylist training checklist (attached), and we'll go over how to get you to where you'd like to be!
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8) Training

There are Training Videos online and literally one for any question you may have! From opening up your starter kit to display ideas, to how to greet your guests at a trunk show, to styling & booking at shows and sponsoring...it's all there!

Spend the days between now and your launch date going through your online training. Login at stelladot.com (using your new Stylist ID) and click on your jumpstart under reports. (we will go over this) but this is the place that has everything you will need to get started! To start, under reports tab, click my jumpstart. There's check lists on what to do next and a place to set your goals!

9) Facebook

Did you know that stylists with FB fan pages typically generate 10% higher sales volume as well as find new stylists?! If FB was a country, it would be the 4th largest one. Crazy--right? How can you afford to miss out on this type of exposure?? PLEASE NOTE, your fan page must have your name, followed by independent stylist, to abide by regulations. For example: Stella & Dot by Pamela Meester, Director with Stella & Dot / Independent Stylist.

Also, I will add you to our team fb pages- A team which is my direct team page and then Gem Fatales Golden Gems, which is Gina Bogda's team page, she's also a Director so we are very lucky to have so much support! She shares all her tips and info on her team page! Get ready to join the amazing fun stylist community! It truly is a sisterhood!!

10) Commission

* 25% on anything you sell both at shows or online!

* 30% when you sell $2500 retail in a month (the additional 5% in commission will come in the last week of the month's payment). Aim for that every month! Who wants 25% commission, when you can get 30%?! :)

*32% Commission when you sell over 5k!

*35% Commission when you sell over 10k!

Payment comes via a Stella & Dot Cash/Credit Card. Please note it comes in a white non-descript envelope so looks like junk mail. Once you receive you can set it up to move the $ over to your checking or saving account, which is what I do.

Key numbers to remember (all mentioned in the New Stylist guide)

* Sell $500 retail in a given month to be "qualified" and receive 3% back in business supply credits

* You increase your commission from 25% to 30% when your retail sales are over $2500 in a month and 32% by selling 5K

Last but not least....have fun!!

Be sure to read through and continually reference your New Stylist Workbook - this will be a great source of information as you get started. We will also go over all of this during our new stylist training chat and I will answer all of your questions! Congrats on launching your business and Good Luck!!


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Pamela Meester

Senior Director, Founding Leader, Mentor & Personal Stylist, Stella & Dot