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The Practice of the Better

It's hard to fight for joy in a world of current events that are filled with hate, injustice and hopelessness that continually remind us that things are not as they should be. One browse through the news cycle, and anger at injustice and deep sorrow on behalf of the vulnerable can lead us to feel paralyzed in our daily lives as people on this earth called by God to reflect his love. How should we live in this world that is spinning with so much wrong?

Faith Leader Richard Rohr once said that the best critique of the bad is the practice of the better. What often lies hidden or unannounced behind these hateful news stories are stories of ordinary people, like you and me, faithfully and quietly practicing the better in the daily rhythms of their lives. Serve United exists to encourage these practices, celebrate these practices and cheer others on as we make Jesus look beautiful in places of darkness in our neighborhoods and communities. Beginning this month, we will be delivering to you a monthly newsletter to keep you updated and informed about the good God is doing in the Sacramento region and beyond, as well as ways to get involved and activated. May this monthly piece of news fill you with hope instead of desperation and challenge you to practice the better in courageous ways. Let's outdo stories of hate with stories of love.

Big Day of Service for Orangevale and Fair Oaks

In Orangevale and Fair Oaks, community leaders, churches, organizations and businesses are getting together to dream and plan its second annual Big Day of Service. In 2018, this one day community service event rallied 1,000 volunteers to serve in over 30 projects in the Orangevale and Fair Oaks communities. This year's Big Day of Service will be on May 11th and participation is expected to grow. Through one-day all community service initiatives, relationships are built, communities are strengthened, hope is restored in the lives of many and bridges are built for ongoing year long service. We are excited to see what happens with this year's event!

To learn more about the event and to get involved, click HERE!

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Challenging Others to Serve and Spread the Gospel

For the past two years, Church Volunteer Network has been challenging others to serve and spread the gospel through Gospel Project Support Funds. In 2018, Church Volunteer Network was able to give $6,925 to seven different gospel sharing community events. Each event had a clear gospel presentation and met a need in a tangible way. The gospel was spread through Christmas givaways, community meals, celebrations in the park, and more! Church Volunteer Network hopes that through this gospel fund initiative, more groups of people will see how simple it is to share the gospel through community events. Through CVN, there is help to do outreach well and expand events that have intentionality to lead others to know the love of Jesus and begin a relationship with him. Thank you Church Volunteer Network and the ministries who partner with them in sharing Christ's love!

To see stories of ministries serving others with the help of Gospel Project Support Funds, please visit the Church Volunteer Network website HERE!

Featured Organization: Defending the Cause Regional Alliance

Defending the Cause Regional Alliance exists to protect kids and strengthen families by promoting organizational unity, sharing resources and engaging the church. This network of agencies, non-profits, churches and professionals are working together to make sure children in the Greater Sacramento Region are able to grow up in a loving family, families are equipped to love their children well and churches are resourced to serve vulnerable children in their congregations and surrounding communities. To learn more about the alliance and view area needs, click HERE!
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