Athletic Training

By: Edwin Ramos


An athletic trainer is a certified professional who practices in the field of sport’s medicine. I want be one because I love playing sports and helping other athletes out. I would prefer to help professional basketball players because basketballs my favorite sport and I know everything there is to know about the game.

Career Research

Daily tasks and Responsibilities

To make sure the athletes are healthy and if they have any problem in their body like soreness or if they hurt something you have to make sure they're treated properly.

Work environment

Many athletic trainers work in educational facilities, such as secondary schools and colleges others may work for professional sport teams.Some athletic trainers work in rehabilitation and therapy clinics, in the military, or with performing artists.They may spend much of their time working outdoors on sports fields in all types of weather.

Education and Training

To become a certified athletic trainer you must graduate with bachelors and masters degree from an accredited from a professional athletic training education program.

Preferred Job Skills

  • Active Listening
  • Speaking
  • Monitoring

Job Outlook

Probably increase because this job is a very important job for all athletes because the trainers help them recover from injuries and treat them.


  • $44,030

Behind the Scenes with a Certified Athletic Trainer

High school Preparation


Biology and P.E because their both the closest thing to train for athletic training in high school. I have to know a lot of science about the human body so I could be prepared for it. I picked P.E because sports and exercising involves athletic training.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Basketball and football are both related to my career choice because their both sports and once you're an athletic trainer you have to deal with basketball and football players depending on where you work out.

Work/Volunteer Experience

The trainer at my school would let me hang out with him everyday after school and help out with all the athletes to give me experience I need for the job.


  • Ms. Devito, Health teacher at leyden
  • Dean Groch, Dean at Leyden
  • Mr.Markey, Principal at leyden

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My Post-Secondary Plan

In order to be an athletic trainer you have to attend college for 4 years and earn your bachelors degree.

Related college Majors

Bachelors degree in athletic training or a related field, graduate degree is common

Training Programs or certificate Courses

The board of certification(BOC) controls the certification process in order to get a certification they must pass an intensive certification exam.

Internship/apprenticeship opportunity's

Alot of the classes you take require the hands on training in these areas such as assess and treat injury caused by physical stress and accidents that commonly occur during athletic activity, as well how to teach prevention techniques. It also includes emergency response training, first aid, sports medicine, human anatomy and medical conditions.

Top 3 colleges for this Career

  • University of Florida
  • Marquette University
  • Baylor University


Over the last few weeks I've learned so much about my career. I learned about what classes to take in college to help me peruse my carreer off some websites that I got my information from like naviance. I learned more by actually sitting down with the trainer and talking to him about the career he gave me a lot of really good information to help me in the long run and my research project. I'm glad that I want to be an athletic trainer because it looks like a reallly fun and interesting job to work in.