Welcome to Botswana

Class Period - Name


4 - 7 Sentences describing the Geography of Botswana

Make sure you include the following: Size of the Country, Climate, Natural Resources, Describe major landforms (for example - Major Cities/Capital, Major Rivers, Kalahari Desert, & Okavango Delta)

Include a description about how desertification is affecting Botswana


List 5 important events in Botswana's History

For example: 1966 - Independence from Great Britain


4-7 sentences describing the people of of Botswana

For example - ethnic groups, holidays, languages, religions and so on.

National Anthem Video of Botswana


3-7 Sentences describing the government of Botswana. (Include a description of how their government is set up, different political parties and current leaders)


3-7 Sentences - How do most people earn a living? What types of Industries do they have? List their Exports and Imports.

Top 5 Places to Visit

List the Top 5 Places to Visit in Botswana