Gregg Popovich as a Leader

Early Life for Pop

He started his basketball career playing Biddy Basketball and was on the 1960 Gary Biddy Basketball All-Star Team. People now desire Coach Pop because of his winning of the NBA Championship 5 times.


Pop is just an over all good leader. He is able to lead so well because of his accomplishments. it is evdent in his winning record.

Learned Leadership

Pop learned from his father that it is fundamental. In order to win you have to play fundamental basketball. Once again his winning record shows this.


His being able to win so much has impacted others to enjoy his team. It has encouraged millions of fans to cheer for his team.


I share the fundamental aspect with pop if i had to say so myself. One person mihgt be better than me but I will out smart him or her.

Most Helpful

Being fundamentally sound is most likely the most helpful for Pop. This is because it helps him win games.

Why Follow

I am attracted to follow him because of how he wins championships. This includes a majority of his followers.

Why Not All

I do not think so because Pop usually only shows one and is still effective.

Effective Leader Traits

You need to be nice, smart, and a reason for people to follow you.