7th grade Earth/Space Science

Liberty Middle School, Ms. Carlton

Course Description

In this course, you will examine the different processes and events that take place within the Earth. You will link digital tools with your science curriculum. The topics covered will include the following:

1. Earth Systems

2. Nature of Science

3. The Solar System

4. The Universe

5. The Earth-Moon-System

6. The Earth's Structure

7. The Earth's History

8. Weathering & Erosion

9. Energy in the Earth's System

10. Weather and Climate

Class Information

Required Materials:

  1. Chrome notebook
  2. Science Interacitve Composition notebook
  3. Pencil/pens
  4. Loose-Leaf paper
  5. folder- 2 pockets/3 prong

Contact me: annie.carlton@ocps.net

Linking Digital tools with Science Curriculum

class Expectations

  • Attend daily
  • Come prepared with supplies
  • Begin day by writing class Agenda
  • Complete all classwork and homework
  • Have a respectful attitude
  • Come with a big smile