This Week @ Jones

Celebrations, Priorities, Updates, and Tidbits

Digital Learning Day is next Wednesday- February 17th!

This is a day to highlight all the wonderful digital lessons you already incorporate or want to integrate into your classroom. We have a team of teachers that are on the Jones Digital Learning Team- Angie Tesauro, Travis Roland, Elyse Caldwell, Zach Brown, Jenn Warren, John Pruett, and Nicole Warren. Some of these teachers will be teaching a highlighted digital lesson on Feb. 17th and we want to invite all teachers to participate on this day. If you are interested (and I hope you are) please talk to a colleague on the Digital Learning Team or Cathy Sorensen to plan a lesson.


Monday morning we are honoring National African American Parent Involvement Day by inviting parents to a breakfast before volunteering in our school. THEN we have our Chinese New Year luncheon in the cafeteria in the cafeteria - yummy Mandarin Orange Chicken and FORTUNE COOKIES (You shall win the lottery and split it with your principal!).
Tuesday we have the Jabali Afrika Performance (Jabali means "rock") at 1:30. Remind students to wear their Global Scholar outfits.
Wednesday Dr. Baldwin will be meeting with our Student Advisory Council
Thursday morning is Dr. Baldwins Tea and Talk at 9 – parents can come stop by for a visit and chat with our Superintendent.


Thursday night is our Family Dinner and Dance (all staff attend) - great dinner and fun dancing in the gym. Staff - please mingle during the dinner!

Resources for Black History Month

If you're a history or art teacher and you're looking for a few more materials for your lesson plans on Black History Month, be sure to check out You'll find information on the following and more:

5th graders will come around to tell classes about the Valentines for sale. This is a big fundraiser for 5th grade. Ms. Warren is now the crayon guru - and kudos to all those who helped her!

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Teacher Reminders

Please have attendance entered by 9 a.m. Even if PowerSchool is not working at 8:15 you should go back and recheck so Robyn can get that information out. Attendance is a legal document which can be subpoenaed by courts so we must be very accurate.

We ALL have to help model and remind students to walk in the hallways without talking - this is a school-wide expectation and is frequently brought by staff to our School Improvement Team as a concern.

Yearbooks are still for sale - discounted until Feb 26. Then the price goes up. Check communication folders for student payments.

Send pictures for the yearbook!! :)

Language and Literacy

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 3:15pm

Media Center or as assigned by your group leader

CAFE book study - Molly Bivins

Comprehension Toolkit PD - Betsie Stockslager

Paideia PD - John Pruett

Technology in the classroom - Cathy Sorensen

Jones Family Dinner and Dance

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 5pm

Cafeteria and Gym