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In order to lead their school in having a greater understanding of how E-Colors can benefit the classroom environment, these six E-Colors Student Champions from Holmquist Elementary (Houston, TX) actively participated in a mini-session to learn more about their strengths and potential limiters, as well as the significance behind the E-Colors brain. These grade three and four students (ages 8-9) will take their new-found learning and conduct an exercise for their teachers in January 2016, as a part of their teacher's professional development training. I will see the champions again this fall. If you have any words of encouragement to offer the champions, I will gladly share it with them in our next visit! I would like to thank Principal Kimberly Toney (R/B) and ECIE Certified Coach Diana Cavazos (R/Y) for their endless support in building tomorrow's leaders!
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The Primary Personality Diversity Indicator (PPDI), which is our questionnaire to determine an elementary student's E-Colors can be administered individually or whole group in a classroom. Last week, Youens Elementary Principal Tangela Hughes-Beston (G/B) gave the only two fifth grade classes on campus the opportunity to participate in an E-Colors mini-session. The PPDI was administered to the whole group and took less than 15 minutes to determine all of the students' E-Colors. Both sets of teachers stated how much the E-Colors results were a reflection of the behavior and personalities they had seen in their classrooms. Students equally noted that they appreciated knowing more about their fellow classmates' personalities. To download the free PPDI, visit us online: http://www.EColorsInEducation.org/E-Colors.html

Sylvan Learning - Rio Grande Valley

Sylvan Learning of the Rio Grande Valley represents a group of educational leaders, who offer ACT/SAT preparation courses, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) workshops and competitions, as well as personalized tutorials for students in all grade levels. This school year we will partner together to establish a Leadership Institute for secondary students in the RGV. Executive Director, Susan Valverde (R/G) is also incorporating E-Colors & Personal Intervention as part of their College 101 curriculum for the spring of 2016. Below are some of the reflective exercises that participants took part in our session.

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