Women in the workforce


Women in the workforce.

In the work force woman are not getting treated equally is a persistent problems because men are always looked up to and respectful for the work that they do while women are seen as people who do the extra work, but they actually do as much as men, or sometimes greater.


Women aren’t getting enough pay and not being treated properly, but men on the other hand are getting so much respect and money while women are torturing themselves and getting little.

Possible solutions

Some solutions for this are equal and letting women. They need to respect women the same amount as men. One more solution is when women apply for a job.

Evaluation of the solutions

To allow for women to be accepted for more opportunities and to allow for there to be treated and appreciated as much as men.


What we have concluded from the research that we have found is that women are not appreciated as much for what they do while men are looked up to and respected for the effort they put in.