Ms. Erickson's Classroom Snippet

Take a Peek into our Week!

November 10th - November 14th

Here is what we are learning and enjoying in our classroom this week...

Math: We will begin our subtraction unit this week. This unit includes: solving one step and multistep word problems using a variety of strategies including algorithm (up to 100), solving subtraction word problems where unknowns may be any one of the terms in the problem, and using concrete and pictorial models to compose and decompose numbers up to 100.

Reading: We will introduce our Word Study routines as well as review our Read to Self and responding to text routines.

Writing: We will continue working on friendly letter writing this week. Our focus will be inviting through letters.

Science: Students will become astronomers and study what is in the sky during the day and night. They will learn about the moon and how it changes over time. Be on the lookout for special homework on Monday the 9th- students are asked to observe the moon.

Social Studies: We will share our PBL presentations with different grade levels and finally share with our parents on November 12th from 11:00-11:30 in our classrooms.

Sight Words: We are learning the following words this week: another, cut, food, hurt, made, next, seem, through. Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.

PBL Showcase

Mark your calendars! Our class will be having a PBL showcase of our landmark learning. Students are currently working to create an All About Book and photostory about their landmark here at school. We would like to present our knowledge to you on Friday, November 13th from 11:15-11:45 in our classroom. If your schedule will allow, please join your child for lunch directly after our sharing. I know your child would enjoy having lunch with you.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 17 Thanksgiving Meal for 1st, 3rd, & 5th Grades

Nov. 23-Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Holidays

Dec. 2 Early Release *Students are dismissed at 12:45

Dec. 4 Friday Assembly: K--2nd Grade

Dec. 5 Candy Land

Classroom Wishlist

We are in need of donuts from Round Rock Bakery to celebrate the completion of our PBL landmark project. If you would be willing to donate a few dollars, purchase and/or pick up 2 dozen original glazed donuts for Friday, November 13th, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate your help!

Celebrating Birthdays

This message is from the library. The following link and form is about having your child participate in Birthday Book Club:

Happy Birthday to our November Birthdays!

Slade - 20th


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!