Environmental Changes of Earthquake

Earthquake in Japan

2011 Earthquake in Japan

On March 11, 2011, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook Japan. The earthquake caused tsunami and nuclear plant explosion. Also it took 19000 lives and damaged 1.2 million building. The earthquake rocked the highly populated place and brought many problems. Soon, the problems became not just for Japan but to global problem.

Environmental Changes of 2011 Earthquake in Japan

effects on animals

Japan have lots of activity perception and it happen over and over. Many people trained by it. But they got damage on the 2011 earthquake. Before earthquake, giant fish came up on to surface water. Deep-sea fish living near the sea bottom can find movement of active faults easily than those near the surface of the sea. Because of explosion, radioactivity created and spread into world by sea. Many sea creatures died from that.