Endangered Wolves In Canada !

Dao-Betty and Vicky

Endangered Wolves In Canada.

Our topic is about Endangered Wolves In Canada.There are 3 types of the endangered wolves, but we are only going to talk about 1 wolves: The Gray Wolves.


Wolves of northern North America and Eurasia vary in colour. A single pack may contain animals that are black, shades of grey-brown, and white. Wolves in the heavily forested areas of eastern North America are more uniform in colour. They are often a grizzled grey-brown, similar to some German shepherd dogs.

Male wolves can weigh between 20 to 70 kilograms while the female weighs in at 18 to 55 kilograms. In the wild their lifespan can be from 8 to 16 years.
Between 1850 to 1900, more than a million wolves were killed.
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What do wolves eat?

Wolves eat deer, moose, rabbits, rodents, beavers and birds.
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This is a government agency.

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Connect with Wildlife

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is a charitable organization that works with Canadians to make a difference to the kind of legacy we leave behind … not just for wildlife, but also for our children.

The CWF is helping by posting links on the internet about killing wolves. People will see them and start to not kill wolves. They will also tell peoeple they know who kill wolves and tell them not to.

Perspective: the CWF (Canada Wildlife Federation)

The CWF wants to protect wild animals and their homes.

They want to show people how to protect wildlife and their habitats. This is so that Canadians can enjoy nature and the animals.

How different levels of goverment can work together to lesson this issue?

First, the federal government will add the gray wolves and the red wolves on the Canada Endangered Species List so that people cannot kill so much wolf. Then, the provincial government can sign his name on a piece of paper that says: Help The Endangered Wolves! People will see it and they will listen to the government because he has power! The municipal government can make an ad about how we can help wolves and how good wolves are. Then, people will see it and start to protect wolves!

What can we do to help lesson this issue?

We can help by making posters and post links on the internet about how good wolves are and not to kill them. People wil lsee them and tell other people that kill wolves not to. They will not kill wolves if they kill wolves.


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