The Kraken

Reese Johnson

What and where were the sightings like?

History of the Kraken

History says that the Kraken could still be out there or the Kraken could no longer exist. In 1870, Jules Verne wrote Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea about the Kraken and its sightings. Stories have it that the creature was able to pull a large sailing ship underwater with just its arms.

The Kraken

Evidence of the Kraken

Allegedly the Kraken attacked a ship off the coast of Angola in the 17th century. A lot of sightings are on the coasts of Norway and Greenland.In the early 1870's the London newspaper reported the schooner pearl (a ship) was sunk in the Bay of Bengal by a giant squid.

Theories of the Kraken

The Kraken is thought to be about 25 feet or longer, swims both directions very fast, huge immobile eyes were of blue-green color, 8 or more arms and legs are coming out of its head, 250 suckers or more lining the inside of its tentacles, very sharp teeth, wheighs between 40 and 50 thousand pounds, dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland, attacks ships, feeds upon sailors, raps its arms around a ship then attacks and pulls the whole thing under water, and is the most horrifying creature in the sea.

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