Success in Unit 1

Unit 2 Egyptian Art

Our Above Average...Average

The class average was 93% on the Unit 1 Quiz. I was really impressed with the results and in particular the quality of writing. The short answers and free response writing pieces were supported with context and successfully incorporated our vocabulary. Good work! FYI: As we move forward into our next units, I plan to move the vocab quizzes and multiple choice sections online.

This week we begin our study of Egyptian Art. Egyptian art is so unique and mysterious. Most surviving art comes from tombs and monuments. Pointing to a emphasis on death and the afterlife. You'll find a lot of familiar artwork in this unit.


Tuesday (class meeting): Part 1 Egyptian Art Lecture; HW: view two short films about Egyptian Art posted on Blackboard

Wednesday (class meeting): Part 2 Egyptian Art Lecture; Vocab Quiz 2 (this will be online, we will discuss this in class)

Thursday: "Egypt Under the Pharaohs Timeline" and "Materials and Techniques": complete related activity on Blackboard

Friday (class meeting): Part 3 Egyptian Art Lecture; Image IDs Quiz (because we have more images in Unit 2, I will choose 10 iconic images from this unit...more details in class)

Weekend: optional get a head start on Monday's assignment --> view films for “Hunefer's Book of the Dead” & “Thutmose's Bust of Nefertiti”

"Fine" by Virgilio Villoresi

Fine by Virgilio Villoresi

Have A Great Week!