Bio fuels

is it a good or a concern?

what is it? they are non-fossil fuels produced directly or indirectly from organic material, in another words they are energy carriers that store the energy derived from organic materials.

fact about it bio fuels may be derived from agricultural crops, including conventional food plants or from special energy crops. Bio fuels may also be derived from forestry, agricultural or fishery products or municipal wastes, as well as from agro-industry, food industry and food service by-products and wastes.

History of Bio-fuels Bio-fuel was discovered even before the discovery of the fossil fuels (like oil and coal), But the Fossil fuels took over the automotive industry since its inception.One of the first inventors to convince the people of the use of ethanol was a German named Nikolaus August Otto. another inventor Rudolf Diesel is the German inventor of the diesel engine. He designed his diesel engine to run in peanut oil and later Henry Ford designed the Model T car which was produced from 1903 to 1926.