Washington Elementary

March 23, 2020

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NO School = NO School Sponsored Activities

Postponed until further notice:

1. Parent-Teacher Conferences: was scheduled for March 17, 19 & 24

2. Science Fair

3. PTO meeting

4. Any other school sponsored activity between March 16 - March 30

Planning for Distance Learning

Our teachers have been developing a distance learning plan to support learning from home. The goal is to provide a comprehensive plan that provides standards based learning experiences for your child if we need to experience school closure beyond March 27th. In the meantime, reading is the best thing your child can do. Puzzles, card games, and board games are also great ways to engage the brain in productive thinking. You may also have access to online learning tools linked on the Washington Elementary Media Center site, the Omni Portal or through links shared by classroom teachers.

There will be communication about the how and when for parent pick up of distance learning materials and student lockers items this week, if we learn that school closure is to go beyond March 27th.

Big kids, little kids and kids like you and me; we all need structure and schedules to be productive. I've share a schedule below that might be useful as you prepare and live out learning from home. Classroom teachers are developing a schedule for the 15 day learning plan. The plan will include about 2 hours daily of academic learning. The remainder of the day could look like the sample schedule below.

Developing a schedule with flexible times for kid choice is key to harmony in home learning

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Habit 1: Be Proactive; You are in charge of you.

In this uncertain time, I encourage each of us to practice Habit #1; Be Proactive, you are in charge of you. Our students have learned about the Circle of Control model in classroom lessons. Additionally, students serving as playground and lunchroom mentors have taken an even deeper dive into the concept of control. It is my hope that each of us focuses on growing our circle of influence in these most challenging times. What actions, behaviors and words will you choose? My prayers are with each you, our community, country and our world.

All the Best,

Shane Baier


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Important Dates..


16-30 No School

Pending our return to school:

March 31-Excel



2-8: Music Informances Mr. Shevy Grades K-2-4


9-No School

10-No School

13-PTO Meeting at 6:30pm

14&15- Excel

14- Late Start, School starts at 9:55am

16-Kindergarten Round-up 4:30 & 6pm

17-29-MCA Testing, Grades 3-5


22- Kindergarten Earth Day Celebration 12:25-2:25pm



11-PTO Meeting at 6:30pm

12-Late Start, School starts at 9:55am

19- 5th Grade Revolutionary War Trip to Franklin

21&22- MSO Youth Concert 4th &5th Grade

22-Kindergarten End of the Year Picnic

25- No School

27-Field Day



4- Last Day of School