The Eklin Journal

December 18, 2015

Mark Your Calendar

Jan. 4 School resumes

Jan. 13- Late start Wednesday

18- No school- Developmental Day

Jan. 28-29- Half days- 11:46 am dismissal

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish you all the happiest holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Many thanks to Mrs. Slater for planning the holiday party. Special thanks to Mrs. Furno for planning and making all 3 games for our holiday party and all of the holiday treat bags. The children enjoyed all the snack foods and cookies donated, too. Thank-you for all the support that made our party a lot of fun for the children.

Writing News

The challenge this week was grammar Rule #10- Possessive Nouns. The children have never had experience with possessives. The children are confusing them with plurals and contractions. So many different uses for apostrophes and the -s at the end of a word! We will continue to work with possessives when we return from the holiday break.

Spelling/ Word Study News:

Students took their spelling test Wednesday. These were graded and returned to students in Friday folders.

S.S. News~ From Mrs. Boewe

We had fun creating a salt dough MI and marking our chosen city on our map! Research will be in full force when we come back from break. Feel free to do a little research or print out some pictures from home.

Math News

Students used a number line to help them calculate elapsed time this week. The problems grew in challenge as the week progressed. Most are becoming more proficient at determining elapsed time but any opportunity you have for asking your child to figure how many minutes until... would be appreciated.

Science News

Our little geologists smashed mock rocks and separated out all the different 'minerals' they could see. Students have learned a rock is a mixture and minerals are single substances. More rock fun to come after the holiday break!