Fluorine the Element

Fluorine's symbol is the letter F capitalized.

Fluorine's protons, newtons, electrons and valance electrons.

  • Fluorine has 9 protons, because of its Mass number.
  • There are 10 newtons in Fluorine
  • The number of electrons, is 9. Just the same as the protons it has.
  • Fluorine has 7 valance electrons because it only has one bond.
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Family, Group, Period and Phisical properties

Fluorine is located in the 17th group in the periodic table. It's group name is Halogen and family is Elemental. Fluorine is pale yellow/ white, it sometimes is florescent, colorless gas and the smell is pungent.



Bond and Compounds formed

Fluorine bonds with almost any element, both metals and nonmetals because it is a very strong oxidizing agent. It's understandable and reactive. High energy of bonds between fluorine and other elements combine to make reactions of fluorine exothermic.

It's use?

Fluorine is very help full to the human body, we use it on an everyday bases or at least we should to keep our teeth nice an clean!

It's used in toothpaste and dental water to prevent silver cavities.

It is also used in Rocket fuel which it indicates it is used industrially.


Where its found Who When & How

the main areas for fluorine found is within the Earths crust. You can find it in Mexico China and Western Europe.

In 18186, Ferdinand Freddie Henri Moissan a French chemist was the first to successfully isolate Fluorine. He did this through the electrolysis of potassium flounder on hydroplane.