Chemistry I AB Course Updates and Reminders - March 23, 2015

Instructor: Vashonda Davis


Phone: 404-490-0026

Assignment Due This Friday, March 27th @ 11:59pm

Don't forget that this Friday is an Assignment Due Date. View the Assignment checklists below to make sure you've submitted them all.
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  • Don't forget to include all elements of a formal lab report when required.
  • Read lab directions very carefully and include all required information.
  • Choose your file type carefully. I recommend .rtf, .pdf, or .doc file types.


  • Since our class is so small, please reply to at least one other student's post.
  • Read discussion item carefully and include all required information
  • When replying to posts, give thoughtful responses. Here are some tips for writing thoughtful discussion responses.

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Join me for live office hours this Wenesday at 8pm! Ask any question you have about the course or content. Click the button below to get to our virtual classroom.
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GaVS spring break is April 6th - 10th, which is the same as Cobb, Fulton, and Rockdale counties. You will have an assignment deadline the following week on Friday, April 17th. I advise that you work ahead before spring break so you don't get behind.


Check out the videos below for some additional assistance with your assignments.
Stoichiometry: Chemistry for Massive Creatures - Crash Course Chemistry #6
How to Calculate Grams from Molar Mass - Chemistry
How to Calculate an Empirical Formula - Chemistry