Conspiracy Theories



-Many suspected that the towers were destroyed because of explosives that were place under the buildings.

-Right before the attacked happened because there was some suspicious business happening within the stock market and the insurance films. A remarkable amount of put options were pressed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks and coincidence they were the same airlines that were hijacked during the attacks. A lot of people say that the traders were tipped off about attacks and profited from the tragedy. The Securities Exchange Commission launched an insider trading investigation in which Osama Bin Laden was a suspect, after receiving information from at least on Wall Street firm.

-In the event that an airplane is hijacked, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is prepared to send out fighter jets, which can debilitate or shoot down the aircraft. On 9/11/01, NORAD generals said they learned of the highjackings in time to scramble fighter jets. Some skeptics believe NORAD commanded defense systems to "stand down," because of their lack of presence during the attacks.

-The World Trade Center collapse appeared similar to a controlled demolition. Many speculate that the towers were in fact blown down with explosives inside the buildings as they attempted to escape. Many architects and scientists even maintain that a plane's fuel cannot produce enough heat to melt the steel frames of the two buildings that collasped.

-The Pentagon crash may be the most puzzzling event of the day. Theorists maintain that the impact holes in the Pentagon were much smaller than a commercial American Airplines plane. They also question why the plane was not shot down prior to impact, as well as why the plane impacted a section of the pentagon that was vacant due to renovations.

-The fourth hijacked plane, Flight 93, crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It is belived that the passengers fought back and crashed the plane into a field. Skeptics believe that Flight 93 landed safely, while a substitue plane was shot out of the sky. Other theorists believe that the passengers were murdered, or relocated and were never found.

-After the September 11th attavks, the "Loose Change " documentary started that all the hijackers were actually alive in other countries- rather presumptuous since it it possible for two different people to have identical names. But they did raise a good point; how did the passports of the terrorists survive the explosion? In the aftermath of the attacks, passports and identification were found as evidence. Many skeptics question how identification made out of paper survived the same explosion that destroyed.

-There was in calls made from high altitudes that wouldn’t be able to reach the caller

-Many americans believe that the government concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official explanation of the september 11th attacks.

-Many people think that the jewish religion were a part of it because all the jews took off from work when it happened

-People have many questions like why didn’t the military failed to intercept the hijacked planes?

-As the attack was happening george bush was reading to kids and when he was notified he kept reading knowing something horrible was happening this made people suspicious.

Area 51

Area 51

- Area 51 is a government military facility in nevada .One of the things that

is questioned is why is there so much mystery surrounding around this .

Why is the government trying to hide the fact that it exists ?

It’s not as ,much as the denials of the government or the advocacy addressing this but is the mysterious lights that often appear in the sky that attract all these theories .Area 51 is a testing ground for weapons technology and new aircrafts being developed .As these new technologies are being created they are bound to attract anything that is in viewing distance.Ask any theorist and they will say that those lights that appear in the sky are no human creations but instead are extraterrestrial beings .

-The name itself inspires thoughts of government conspiracies,secret black aircraft and alien technologies .- Facts, myths and legends weave together in such a way that it can become difficult to separate reality from fiction. What goes on in this installation? Why did the government alternatively acknowledge and deny it’s existence until the 1990’s. Why is the airspace over it so restricted that even military aircraft are forbidden from flying through it? Each question has seems to have a million different answers.

-Everyone who works at area 51, whether military or civilian they must sign an oath agreeing to keep everything a secret. Buildings at the site lack windows to prevent people from seeing anything not related to their own duties at the base. By some reports, different teams would work on similar projects at the same time but their supervisors would keep each team ignorant of the other team’s project. When testing a secret aircraft, officials ordered all uninvolved employees to stay inside until the test flight was over and the aircraft returned to its hangar.

-Security measures include sensors planted around the perimeter of the base. These sensors detect movement, and some believe they can even discern the difference between an animal and a human being. SInce Area 51 is effectively a wildlife preserve, it was important to create warning devices that could not easily be tripped by a passing animal. One theory held by observers is that the sensors can detect the scent of the passing creature. While that has yet to be substantiated, it is certain that there are buried sensors all around Area 51.-

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Denver Airport

-The Denver International Airport is a notoriously bizarre airport that is shrouded in conspiracy. It has a lot of weird statuses, creepy art, and abounding in myths. There are crazy conspiracies surrounding the airport’s true purpose, many are confused from the airport’s origins. People don’t know why the airport was built in the first place because there was already a fully functioning one closer to downtown. The airport is enormous, it’s twice the size of Manhattan and was $2 billion over budget.

-The Denver Airport is famous for it’s terrifying 32-foot-tall statue of a horse that has fiery glowing eyes. The red eyed statue, called blue mustang killed it’s sculptor, Luis Jimenez. It had fell on him and severed an artery.

- The airport also features a plethora of creepy art and strange that people don’t understand. There are murals of a devil jumping out of a suitcase, as well as a statue of Anubis (ancient Egyptian god of death.)

- The airport runways look like swastika which was the symbol for the Nazis others say it looks like a pinwheel .There's also a dication stone that has an image of a secret society .It shows masonic symbol with a capital g inside underneath it says the new world airport commision .

What is the new world commision airport ? Officials have said that it was a commision for the new world airport but which also brings up the conspiracy of the New world.People believe that there has been a small group of powerful people working together in secret throughout history establishing a single all powerful government .The masonic symbol also brings up conspiracies .Freemasonry is a very real secret society that is alleged is the largest in the world existed around the middle ages ,since it had a lot of powerful members people have been suspicious into believing that the freemasons have been long looking to seize power others believe they are trying to re establish the new world order .

In the airport underneath there is a underground tunnel and there are questions into what may lie underneath it .Conspiracies are that there bunkers beneath the airport .A worker of the construction for the airport claimed that why the airport was delayed was because five multistory buildings were built underneath the airport the same construction as well as others have said that there are complex network of tunnels beneath the airport .This lead others to believe that there may be a vast network of underground new world order command bunkers to post- apocalyptic fallout shelters for the global elite (billionaires and politicians ).It was later determined that the underground tunnels had actually become home to the airports rail system .

-Noting that the site has become a fixture in the conspiracy research community, airport CEO Kim Day announced that the airport would be "embracing that strangeness and sharing in the fun" throughout October.

Among the events planned for the DIA over the next few weeks are a standing exhibit detailing the many conspiracy theories tied to the airport over the years and tours around the facility to showcase the artwrok often cited by paranormal researches.

The festivities will culminate with a 'conspiracy party' on October 20th which will, no doubt, be populated by several Men in Black.

But the most tantalizing aspect of the airport's announced events is a contest which will award the winner a chance to "explore the airport's underground facilities in search of evidnece of a conspiracy." While were guessing that they'll hide the alien bodies before allowing the contest winner down below, it's still a pretty amazing opportunity to visit a place that otherwise would be-off-limits for average travelers and aspiring conspiracy theorists. That said, we don't expect the DIA's decision to celebrate conspiracy culture to go over well with those who suspect that the site actually does double as some kind of secret base.

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Paul Is Dead

Conspiracy-minded Beatlemaniacs say, Paul McCartney secretly died in 1966. Theorists claim that the other beatles covered up his death and hired someone who looked him, sang like him,and had the same jovial personality as him.

-But the guilt eventually got to them and they started leaving clues in their music.The entire Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album was awash with the Paul-is-dead clues: the beatles had formed a ‘new’ band featuring a fictional member named Billy Shears it’s supposedly the of Paul’s replacement. The album contained John Lennon’s “A day in the life,” which had the the lyrics “He blew his mind out in a car” and the recorded phrase “Paul is Dead, miss him, miss him” which becomes obvious only when the song is played backwards.

-Paul-is-dead believers think the Beatles accompanied these backward loops and references to death with the album that illustrated the loss of their friend. The original cover of 1966’s Yesterday and Today album featured the beatles posed amid raw meat and dismembered doll parts, symbolizing Paul’s gruesome accident. Then there is the the Abbey Road cover, on which John, George, and Ringo forwent all pretense and pretended to cross the street as a funeral procession. John wore all white like a clergyman. Ringo as the mourner dressed in all Black. George wore donned jeans like a grave digger. Paul wore no shoes because he didn’t need them because he was dead and he walked out of step with the others. - Alexa
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The Bermuda Triangle

The latest theory and speculation about the Bermuda Triangle is that there are multiple Bermuda Triangle-like zonez on Earth. Conspiracy have been a part and parcel of mankind's journey on Earth. Every unexplained event of a natural occuring has always had an unscientific theory explaining it. These theories have been knowingly or unknowninly ingrained in the minds of our forefathers to our parents all the way through to our generatioin and possibly the next.

With the 21st century world that we live in, the developments in science and technology have taken us beyond the realm of our solar system, or galaxy, all the way into theories about multiple univeres and dimensions. Today, the scientists are working in solving equations about wormholes and inter-galactic travel. However, there are people in the world who disapprove the simple facts as we know about the universe and genuinely believe in something unscientific.

Though science strives to explain every unexplained question in the world and the universe with logic and raw proof, there are still certain concepts or theories that remain mystically unexplained. Questions that have been and still are unanswered. One of these conecpts or theories is about The Bermuda Triangle.

-The Bermuda Triangle is a section of our planet on the eastern sea front of the U.S. The Bermuda Triangle area, also known as Devil's Trangle is the section of the North Atlantic Ocean situated in the space seperating Florida, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda Islands. It is said that many ships and airplanes have simply disappeared while flying or sailing over The Bermuda Triangle. Hundreds of hair-rising experiences have also been recorded by sailors and pilots. The Bermuda Triandle was cited as the reasons responsible for the loss of tens of ships and airplanes in the twenthieth century. The reasons and explanations behind this range from alien abductions to a very strong magnetic feild in The Bermuda Traingle. Another theory is that the lost city of atlantis is under the sea floor of The Bermuda Triangle and the advanced technology of Atlantis causes the aircrafts or ships to lose contorl and crash in The Bermuda Triangle. Could there be mutiple Bermuda Triangles-like zones on Earth? - Alexa

Secret societies run the world

-It has been said that there is a global elite society .The world is ruled by a powerful and secretive people .

-For example the illuminati it is said to originated in the 18th century in germany and which is said to be responsible for the pyramid -and -eye symbol which is in the dollar bill they intend to foment world wars to strengthen the formation of a worldwide government in which they would be considered the Freemasons ,in which group is the oldest and largest worldwide fraternity .

-The freemasons is said to be created to teach self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies .Including famous members like George Washington .Feared because it is said that the all-male group has six million members across the world which are all powerful members of society.A famous conspiracy is that the freemason designed the Pyramids ,plotted the French revolution and are keeping the flame alive for the Knights Templar.

-The illuminati is said to create secular societies in Europe .Some believe that former celebrities are alleged to be members and are using the media to brainwash the masses .It is said that the group was broken up by German authorities after the French Revolution but others believe that the group survived and now operates as a sinister shadow government, directing world industry and politics as it sees fit.

-Some think that despite donating heaps of cash to charity, they are secretly plotting your undoing at Masonic temples across the world.Or others believe that the guys pulling the strings aren’t concealed in the shadows at all .And instead they might be the intelligentsia on the Council on Foreign Relations .

-Skulls and Bones a secret society said to exist.Formed because of a dispute between several debating societies at Yale .The members use their power and influence to make their way up through the ranks of America’s elite .The group has been blamed for the nuclear bomb and to the Kennedy assassination.

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The moon Landing Were Faked

-Its been a long time since Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for mankind “ if that is if he ever set foot off this planet .Doubters say the U.S. government ,desperate to beat the Russians in the space race , faked the moon landings.With Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin acting out their mission on a secret film set , located either in high in the Hollywood Hills or deep within Area 51 .With the photos and videos of the apollo missions only available through NASA , there is no verification that the lunar landings were anything but a hoax .

-The film of Aldrin planting a waving a american flag on the moon , which others say proves that he was not in space .The flags movement is said to clearly show the presence of wind which is in impossible in a vacuum .NASA says that Aldrin was twisting the flagpole to get the moon soil,which caused the flag to move.Theorists have even suggested that filmmaker Stanley Kubrick may have helped NASA fake the first moon landing given that he had his film in 1968 had a artificially create spacelike set .It is that three astronauts died in a fire while testing the equipment for their first mission but instead were executed by the U.S. government in which they feared they were about to disclose the truth.

-A poll that was taken showed that 6 % of Americans said they thought the lunar landings were faked, and 5% said they were undecided .

-One of the most famous photos from the moon landings shows a rock in the foreground , with what appears to be the letter c engraved in it .The letter appears to be perfectly symmetrical .

-Another important one is the photo from the Apollo 15 mission shown above clearly having identical backdrops , despite being officially listed by NASA as having been taken miles apart.

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