Egyptian World Herald

Facts about Egypt

Egypt is very dry. Where the Nile River Valley meets the desert it is very obvious. This is because the valley has a river running through and the Sahara desert doesn't get much water.


Silt is the small fertile particles that Can be found in the Nile River. Since the Aswan dam was built a lot of silt has not been able to make it to the delta at the end of the river causing to have more salt.

Alluvial plain

An alluvial plain is an area built up by rich fertile soil left by floods. The Nile River valley is an alluvial plain.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara desert is the largest desert in the world. It's about the size of the U.S. It borders the Nile River valley.

The Berbers

The Berbers were the first people to live in North Africa. North Africa includes Egypt the Sahara and several other countries. They were also nomadic people.

The Aswan Dam

Two positives about the Aswan dam: farmers can harvest more crops and can store more water for when it's needed. Two negatives about the Aswan dam: blocks silt prevents a lot a freshwater from reaching the delta at the end of the Nile. The dam causes way more salt water than wanted.