RVHS Weekly Newsletter

February 5th 2021

Message From The Principal

Hello Eagle families,

Credit #1 ends today (February 5). Teachers will have grades updated in Canvas and Infinite Campus by Monday afternoon. Students who did not earn at least 70% can work with their teacher to improve their percentage and be guaranteed the credit.

Learning Hubs will begin on Monday, February 8. Students who were successful in the hubs last semester have been given first priority to return. Next will be seniors requesting to attend the hubs. Finally, remaining seats will be made available to juniors. Hubs are open daily from 9:40-12:40. Students who attend fewer than four days in a week may be removed from the hub to allow other students to attend.

We got this!

Tim Dignan

Zoom Participation Points

A few students have been completing class assignments asynchronously and successfully earning credits. However, for most students there is a direct correlation between attending synchronous class sessions (Zoom) and earning credits. So much so, the RVHS teachers have agreed to award participation points for every student who joins a Zoom session and turns their camera on with their face visible. Students may improve their grade by earning an extra 10% of the points possible each credit.

For example, if there are 200 points possible to be earned during a credit, a student could earn an addition 20 points by attending all of the Zoom sessions with their camera on and their face visible. If the class has ten Zoom sessions during the credit, each session would be worth 2 points.


Attendance is important please check in with your teachers and turn your camera on. Say Hi and let them know you are there!! But if you miss a class please call the Attendance Line at 951-294-6302 or email cavalos@tvusd.us. Please make sure to clear all absences. Thank you.

Maya Angelo

Maya Angelou had a most difficult early life. Growing up in Arkansas in the 1930's, she experienced first hand the abomination of racial discrimination. Yet, she is an example of grit, resilience, and determination. She used her talents and passions to inspire and help others. Her poems and quotes are often used to encourage teachers and students to think creatively, to be kind, and to choose love and caring over hate and other negative emotions in their professional and personal lives. Bless You Maya Angelou. Your words still inspire!!!

"You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
- Maya Angelou

Teachers Office Hours

Mondays will have two purposes:

1. Meeting with Coaching Classes

2. Getting help during teacher office hours

9:40-10:10 - Coaching Class

10:15-11:15.- Office Hour - Cooper / Webb / Eagleton / Trout

11:15-12:15 - Office hour - Medina / Krefft / Jereczek / Tolbert / Razukas

12:45-1:45. - Office Hour - Adkins / Cunningham / Gonzalez / Shanahan

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Big picture

Attention Seniors Earn $$ and Learn


Please see the attached flyer regarding a Virtual Apprenticeship Presentation for Inland Empire young adults on February 24, 2021 at 2:00pm. This presentation is ideal for recent high school graduates or high school seniors graduating this year, Regional employers who want to learn how apprenticeships can benefit their companies grow and thrive using this program, personnel from K-12 Schools & Districts, Charter Schools, and Community Based Organizations who support young adults go to college or seek employment.

Click this link to pre-register: https://forms.gle/DWVYnWqPaQw5hbit8

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Birthdays To Celebrate

Victoria Reyes -- 2/6

Donnie Williams -- 2/8

Noe Vazquez -- 2/10

Student Of Week

Denisse Ramirez-Huerta

Denisse is an amazing student and young lady! She attends every meeting, turns in all of her assignments, and has such a pleasant demeanor. Even though she has a lot going on outside of her academics, she doesn't miss a beat! I admire her tenacity and motivation to reach her goal of graduation! Denisse won my class skateshop giveaway and a t shirt and pair of shoes for being the only student to turn in all her assignments and have perfect attendance. Denisse is so responsible and mature. We are very proud of her and her commitment to succeed.

Employee Of The Week

Mrs. Cinthia Avalos

Cinthia has been helping guide students and track attendance at Rancho going on 15 years. Mrs. Avalos is our Attendance Clerk. On any day you can find students talking with Cinthia about life, and just about anything else. Students enjoy how Mrs. Avalos speaks kindly and truthfully to them. She has a huge heart for helping students, frequently calling students and families, checking in on their situations, and making sure they feel supported and informed. Being bilingual allows her to speak to our families in Spanish.

Mrs. Avalos loves her interactions with students and staff. She is always willing to help out, and even if she doesn’t have the answer she will find it. Her responsibilities include contacting students and families on a daily basis and keeping meticulous records in order to pass yearly audits. This year she helps track online learners' attendance and preparing spreadsheets and adhoc reports for our Attendance Team to use.

Thank you Cinthia for all of your dedication and hard work. You are our Employee of the Week.