My Chemical Romance

By Angela Bosch

When/ Why They Were Created

My Chemical Romance was created in 2001, because the lead vocalist witnessed 9/11 firsthand. This inspired him and the drummer to create the band, about a week later.

Band Members

The lead singer was Gerard Way. His little brother, Mikey Way, was the bass guitarist. Ray Toro was the lead guitarist, and Frank Iero was the rhythm guitarist. Matt Pelissier was the drummer for the band from 2001 (when the band started) to 2004. After Matt Pelissier left, Bob Bryar took his place, until leaving the band in 2010.

Band Break-Up

Sadly, on March 21, 2013, My Chemical Romance broke up. The reason behind this was because the lead singer could tell it wasn't the same as it used to be, and he was acting on stage instead of performing naturally. He knew the band would come to an end, and this was their time.

Music They Wrote

The genre of My Chemical Romance was mostly emo/ post-hardcore/ rock. They released 4 albums, 1 compilation album, and a bunch of singles and EPs.

What the Members are Doing Now

The lead singer, Gerard Way, is pursuing a solo music career.

The lead guitarist, Ray Toro, has released two solo songs.

The rhythm guitarist, Frank Iero, is in two bands, Leathermouth, and FrnkIero andthe Cellabration.

The bassist, Mikey Way, is in the band Electric Century.

The former drummers Bob Bryar and Matt Pelissier have not released or taken part in any music.