Turnitin Settings

Consider carefully the options available under Settings

Establish the Turnitin LTI Settings

Click each image below to see the Settings instructors are able to define when using the Turnitin LTI application.

There are additional settings that can be defined so keep reading.

Optional Settings Continued

Do you want to be able to determine if late submissions are allowed or what sources the submissions should be checked against or whether the originality report is visible to the students? Review the following image for more information?

A Word About Resubmissions

The Turnitin LTI application allows instructors to determine if they would like students to submit multiple times to an assignment. This is especially helpful if the first submission contained a high percentage of copied material. Students can be offered the opportunity to resubmit their work and hopefully obtain a lower percentage.

Note: any instructor comments added to the original submission are lost if resubmissions are allowed.

Considerations For Draft and Final Paper Submissions to Turnitin LTI

It is recommended instructors create two separate assignments when students must submit a draft and a final version of an assigned paper. There are improved settings within the Turnitin LTI application for making this process easier for the instructor.

Speedgrader VS Turnitin LTI Grading

The Turnitin LTI application offers its own set of evaluation tools for instructors. If an instructor decides to use the Turnitin LTI application for commenting, inline editing etc. the student will only be able to see their submission feedback if they access the Turnitin LTI application. None of the commenting or inline editing done within the Turnitin LTI application will show in Canvas.